What’s with the comments?

Is it just me or are others having trouble leaving comments on some of the wonderful blogs going around.  I’ve tried commenting on some of my favourites, as well as some fantastic new blogs I’ve been reading and it just won’t work.  I can write the comment, but then it won’t publish or the security words won’t be accepted.

It’s so frustrating and I’d hate to think that these great bloggers are missing out on comments.  It’s always so nice to read things from other people.  So far I’ve only noticed the problem on blogger/blogspot sites.  I thought I would start a list of the sites I’ve had trouble with so you know that there is an issue, but perhaps the issue is at my end.  If anyone knows a solution to this, please let me know.  Oh and if you’re also having trouble leaving comments (I think Mark mentioned he was having issues too) feel free to add to my post here.

There are some comments I really wanted to write, I’m hoping the readers will get a pinback alert if I link to them here.  Let me know if it works.  Here are my comments.

http://livingalittlegreener.blogspot.com.au/ – Bruisemouse, if you see this, put a banana in that paper bag to ripen up the mango.  Works a treat.  And from an older post, love the CWA cookbook and I will be baking that banana cake soon.  Thanks for sharing the recipe.

http://greenhavengoodlife.blogspot.com.au/ – I’ve just found your site and would love to leave you a comment.

http://harvestwithglee.blogspot.com.au/ – Andrea I’ve tried to comment on the last few of your posts but just can’t.  I hope you don’t think I’ve abandoned your great blog – here is the comment I tried to leave on the last post.
Great, if small, harvest Andrea.  Love the apple trees on the side of the road.  A friend of mine recently sent me a website listing feral fruit trees in Melbourne, ones growing in parks or nature strips where the fruit just falls to the ground and rots.  The idea is that people in the area might find out where the trees area and go pick the fruit to use.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I haven’t had a chance to get much further than that.


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3 Responses to What’s with the comments?

  1. I’ve given up trying to comment on blogspot blogs using my wordpress details. I just use the name/url field now, and that words OK. Don’t even start me on the security code thingies – sooo frustrating!

  2. theveryhungrybookworm says:

    Agreed! Those Kaptcha phrases are getting me very frustrated and angry. I should start keeping a list as well!

  3. Liz says:

    Ooo what is the website with the feral fruit trees? I’m not having problems leaving comments in the moment but I have in the past. Last time I eventually solved the problem by allowing 3rd party tracking cookies on my computer. I can’t remember how you do it but google solves everything. as we know.

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