Tuesdays Top Five – Guilty Food Pleasures

Oh where to start with this one, and keeping it to just five may be a little tricky, but here we go.

For me this number one spot was a no-brainer, I am a self confessed chocoholic and complete sweet tooth.  My chocolate of choice (I refer here just to chocolate, not chocolate desserts of which I am also a fan but which I refrain from making unless it’s a special occasion) is dark with nuts.  The bonus about getting this combination is that Mr Good prefers white or milk chocolate and isn’t a fan of nuts so I don’t have to share.

2. Peanut Butter
I remember eating peanut butter straight from the jar when I was growing up, then as I grew older I started to curb my ways a little more and eventually stopped eating this nutty delight altogether…. then I got pregnant and couldn’t get enough.  That was over three years ago and my love of peanut butter continues (and occasionally straight from the jar again, whoops).  Peanut butter is also fantastic WITH chocolate, two guilty pleasures in one, could it get any better?  I did recently read that nut butters were actually not that bad for you (as long as you don’t also put on regular butter as well, which I don’t) so perhaps this should move from a guilty pleasures list to just being a pleasure.  Hmmm think I’ll ponder that over another piece of toast and…..

3. Cider
Has anyone else noticed that there has been an explosion of ciders, of all varieties, lately?  And that they have become quite the fashionable drink.  I’ve always liked apple and pear cider, but now there are berry ciders and all sort of combos (are they all technically ciders, I’m not sure).  I used to be an avid wine drinker, then with being pregnant or breastfeeding pretty much permanently for three and a half years drinking as been something of a rare treat.  I never open a bottle of wine anymore because I just don’t get through much more than half a glass (Mr Good is a beer man), so I started indulging in the odd cider.  It still takes me a couple of days to finish a bottle and it is quite a rare treat, but I do so enjoy the cold crispness – my favs are still the apple and pear varieties – and bubbly-ness of a good cider.

4. Cheezels
Have I lost you yet?  I know, they’re terrible, full of ingredients that probably shouldn’t even be classified as food, but I find these incredibly moreish.  Of course there’s also the whole nostalgic thing here, eating them off your fingers, etc, etc which seems to make them taste even better.  Thankfully my local supermarket often seems out of stock of these and I usually don’t have to go down that isle at all so can avoid buying them without too much trouble.  I also have a sister who is equally addicted, so if I do have a packet in the cupboard I try to share them with her, that way I don’t eat them all myself.

5. Frozen Coke
This guilty pleasure makes no sense to me at all.  I really dislike coke normally and I’m not that into these frozen-type drinks, but there you have it.  I think it’s quite a bit more watered down than regular coke which probably explains why I like it more.  I was only introduced to frozen coke a few years ago and it’s probably a good thing that Baby Good is awful if I’ve had any caffeine so it’s been over ten months since I’ve indulged in this particular guilty pleasure.  That’s probably reason enough to continue breastfeeding for as long as I can.

For a far more intellectual approach to Tuesday’s Top Five check out Liz’s list of rants.

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8 Responses to Tuesdays Top Five – Guilty Food Pleasures

  1. Liz says:

    For the first time in years I have spent much of this summer in Seven 11 buying slurpees – always coke flavour (although I do also like the ginger beer ones). I too am a cheezels fan, (word of advice – don’t look at the salt content – its enough to send the blood pressure skyrocketing just reading it). In my distant youth (well uni days anyway) I regarded cheezels as the perfect hangover cure and spent many a Sunday devouring whole boxes in front of the telly while whining about my headache. Peanut Butter I can take or leave (unless its turned into Satay Sauce when it becomes absolutely delicious). Ditto Cider. But Dark chocolate is a personal fav – Lindt Orange Intense is my favourite, although the Aldi version is also good. I’m sure dieticians have decided dark choc is good for you – lots of antioxidants i believe.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Sounds like I should try the ginger beer slurpee. As for the salt content on cheezels, I generally have issues with low blood pressure so maybe I could eat them for medical reasons?? Agreed satay sauce is delicious. Oh and I can’t believe I didn’t mention orange chocolate, how could I forget that.

  2. Alison says:

    Well, cider I love – thank you non-strongbow fad – but I’m not drinking these days. Peanut butter doesn’t reeeeally do anything for me. Cheesels I plain don’t get – or any other machine-generated cheese-referencing product (ie Twisties). I get WHY people like them, but I can’t bring myself to eat them! I feel bad about that. I have chocolate up there too but I don’t feel bad about it whatsoever. At. All.
    Second is nutella. Mild guilt, less if I go env friendly and do by-the-jar and not little punnet things 😉 Yeah I know it’s basically chocolate again. I’m ok with that.
    Then brinner. (Breakfast for dinner – eg French toast in the jaffle iron)
    Cruskits (basically a conduit for butter with no nutritional value or ability to fill my tummy).
    Coffee. I don’t need much – even a glass of milk with some Bickfords (YUM) – but I’m dismayed to hear about the fallout you get from caffeine – I’ve found it staves off my headaches!! D: ! What’ll I dooo?!!
    I think your items 1-3 should collect no guilt: you sound exceedly sensible – bordering on pedestrian – with your intake. 🙂 Go, be free: grab a spoon!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’m stealing that word Alison, we have brinner here A LOT! Sorry, but I don’t get the cruskit thing, my girls love them though. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like butter, so cruskits on their own is a bit like eating cardboard for me.
      Sorry to let you in on the coffee and breastfeeding thing, doesn’t effect all kids, but both of mine were bouncing off the walls if I had any caffeine (even black tea sometimes). I too use it for headaches. Funny, when I was pregnant and couldn’t take most medications for my migraines I used coffee (with panadol), but as soon as the baby was born I couldn’t have it anymore.
      Oh by the way, I’m typing this with a nice big chunk of dark chocolate with almonds in my hand!

      • Alison says:

        It did feel like a particularly witty and good-looking reply – the dark chocolate explains it 😀

        Very nice news about the pregnancy vs breastfeeding issue with coffee, although not promising for post-partum. My sister-in-law said her coffees made the baby very active in her tum, but I can see how that would be a lesser problem than babe-in-arms on caffiene-via-milk. Gah!

        BTW, I type this eating a cruskit 😛

  3. Oh this is dangerous – I have so many! My only saving grace is that I’m generally too lazy to eat, so I don’t tend to put on any weight. Actually, thinking back to your holiday snaps I was was thinking the same about you – eat some more chocolate young lady!

    My worst ones:

    1. Salty snack food in general – salt and vinegar chips in particular. I don’t buy it anymore, but try to keep me away from the stuff if it comes within reach!
    2. Coke. Not frozen, just the regular, full-sugar stuff. Another thing I no longer buy, but at work there’s this really cheap vending machine, right near my desk…
    3. Flavour enhancers – I’ve already confessed to this one, but I actually enjoy MSG :O
    4. Instant coffee – I drink moccona with milk and 2 sugars. Instant coffee is my unintentional meal substitute, and I reckon that close to 1/2 of my daily calorie intake comes from it.
    5. 3 hatted restaurants. Looking at the list above you would think I have no taste in food whatsoever, but P and I really (really) enjoy great food. Any excuse we can get we head off to an obscenely expensive restaurant. Actually only tends to happen now on wedding anniversaries, but we still love it. I can’t help but feel guilty about how many starving children we could be feeding with the money though.

    Great list Barbara 🙂


    • Barbara Good says:

      My saving grace L is a super fast metabolism, the snack ban I’ve instigated on Miss Two (if she can’t snack neither can I) and breastfeeding, the weight just falls off me. I’m very lucky, but I do feel a bit bony at the moment.

      I love your 3 hatted restaurant addition too. We love a fabulous restaurant that cost more than I can bare to think about too. It has been a while though. Last time was an indulgent night at the Press Club before we had Baby Good, as a gift from my amazing brother and sister.

      • I can’t say I have been to a great range of Melbourne restaurants, but P’s all time favorite was Attica in Ripponlea. He still raves about it 3 years later. You really must try it some time!

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