A disappointing start…..but then

Is there anything more disappointing than this,

I was anticipating a lovely cheese and avocado sandwich for lunch with Baby good.  It looked fine of the outside but was brown and stringy inside.  I usually pick them much better than that.

Thankfully I then went for a fabulous run with my sister – we’re training for the 8km Mother’s Day Classic and this was the best run we’ve done to date.

And then I came home and saw this on Frogdancer’s blog and had to share it – it’s brilliant!


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2 Responses to A disappointing start…..but then

  1. Liz says:

    That is so annoying about the avocadoes – it doesn seem to happen from time to time – I think its if they have been in cold storage for a long period and then they ripen too quickly when removed. Hope the running is going well – I have been giving vague thoughts to doing a run soonish but am not really sure how far to attempt. Can I ask how far you can run comfortably now?

  2. Barbara Good says:

    Thanks for the tip on the cold storage thing Liz, though I guess that means there’s no way of telling what the inside is going to look like before I buy it.

    As for running, I now love it. I think the route we tack is about 8kms, but we don’t run it non-stop yet. Currently we run for 15 mins and then walk 2-3 mins, and repeat that three times. Hopefully we’ll be doing at least 20 mins at a time before the Mother’s Day Classic

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