A Scroggin Box for Dinner

A while ago I had a discussion with a friend where I was lamenting the lack of spicy, adult food in my current diet and cooking experiences due to the fact that everything I cook has to appeal to a two year old and a baby.  She gave me a piece of advice that I think will revolutionise my weekly menu.  She called it a monkey bowl, but we’ve always called it a scroggin box (which technically is dried fruit, nuts and chocolate hikers eat on long treks) and it’s what her two kids eat for dinner on a Friday night.  For both her and I Friday is childcare day (for me it’ s only been a few weeks so I’m still getting used to it), although only Miss Two is going at this stage.  For any one who has kids in childcare you’ll know they are fed A LOT during the day, so by the time I pick Miss Two up she really does not need a big dinner, so a scroggin box is perfect.

She loves it because it’s all finger food and she even gets to pick at least some of it’s content.  There’s something about eating food that isn’t really dinner food that appeals immensely to her two year old mind.  She gets so excited in the car on the ride home when I ask her what she wants in her scroggin box.  Last week it looked like this – hot cross bun, cherry tomatoes, cheese, dried apricots and sultanas and a cruskit with butter and jam.

Better yet, she actually eats this dinner and it is a cinch to put together.

And while she and Baby Good tuck into this I start preparing something special for Mr Good and I, something spicy in most cases.  So what’s on your menu when you’re not catering for little ones as well?

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2 Responses to A Scroggin Box for Dinner

  1. Liz says:

    Hmmm I’m thinking to understand why my 2 year old doesn’t eat his dinner very often – that scroggin box looks a lot like his pre dinner snack… Oh and if I’m not catering for the kids its curry everytime.

  2. Barbara Good says:

    I knew it was going to be curry for you Liz. Do you always go with and Indian curry or do you sometimes mix it up with a Thai one? My girls do usually get a smaller version of this scroggin box at about 3pm, once Baby Good gets up from her afternoon sleep, then theoretically it’s no more food until dinner, but I am hopeless at sticking to that rule.

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