Day 1 in the Gardening Frenzy Week

Somehow it seems the garden jobs have just piled up and piled up lately and I’m determined to get onto them before Easter.  So today was day one, the morning was a write off as I was still getting over a gastro bug I helpfully picked up over the weekend (thankfully the medication kicked in just before lunch and I felt much better with an hour or so).  The afternoon however turned out briliantly.  The baby slept for over two hours, the weather was perfect and Miss Two was content either copying me with her own gardening gloves and tools or pottering on her own making the dog a mud cake.  In this time I got through a lot:

1. Finished ripping out the last remaining tomato plants and collected two kilos of green tomatoes which will go into a green tomato pickle to be blogged about later.

2. Pulled out the sunflowers and collected the flower heads for seed saving (I’ll deal with them later in the week)

3.  Pulled out the corn stalks and beans growing up them (I could have left the beans probably for a bit longer but the harvest had really slowed down and I wanted to space), and picked the last beans.  There were a few really big ones which I put aside for seed saving.

4.  Pulled out the pak choy that has bolted to seed, and collected the seed pods for saving.

5. Weeded most of the large garden bed which I had just stripped (apart from the capsicum and eggplants in the middle of the bed).

6. Spread out the compost that had been used to build up around the potatoes in areas I was planning to plant again.  There still a bit left for a few other spots, then I’ll have to get some more.

6. Added sheep poo and blood and bone to the areas I was going to plant out.

7. Planted: garlic in two different spots (still have another area to plant out with garlic as well as one large pot); broccoli seedlings (these were supposed to cauliflower but I must have picked up the wrong punnet, I’m going to have a lot of broccoli!); cabbage seedlings; celery seedlings; and most of the bulbs I bought at the flower show.

8. Watered everything in.

9. Found and attached a netting over one section of the cabbage and broccoli seedlings in a vain hope to keep the cabbage butterflies out – though it’s not a fine netting so we’ll see how it stands up.

In the flurry of activity there was no time for photos and not really anything interesting to take at this stage anyway.  It was funny last night I had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to fit everything in.  In the end there was heaps of room – I hope I haven’t planted my brassicas to closely – and I still have room I think for the seedlings coming on in the trays as well as the broad bean seeds that I’ll plant in a month or two.

I still have a bit of planting out to do later in the week, but mostly it is all cleaning up and weeding, taming rouge plants and beating back the rampant self-seeders, pruning, trimming and sweeping.  And then there is the lawn that Mr Good has been neglecting and is now far too long.  I’m very much looking forward to having a garden that looks well cared for at least for a brief period of time anyway.  Tell me, when does the work in the garden slow down for a while?


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5 Responses to Day 1 in the Gardening Frenzy Week

  1. Liz says:

    You are good and a long way ahead of me. I have one bed planted with brassicas but I don’t know how they’ll do as I don’t think the amount of sun will be sufficient otherwise I’ve still msotly got summer crops.

  2. It’s always fun to read a blogger whose seasons are opposite my own. I’m in “frenzy” mode too – but it’s the start of our summer season,and it’s coming on very early this year. Good on you for keeping up with a garden all summer AND your two young children/babies!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks for the comment Terry, I’ll be sure to check out your blog in return. There’s something lovely about following blogs on the other side of the world isn’t there. Makes the world just a little smaller, but also allows us all to live vicariously in our less then exciting seasons. The whole gardening thing with two little ones does prove tricky at times especially since I’ve converted my entire back garden to a vegie patch (still reasonably small, but quite a bit of work when I have to hand water the whole thing), but my two year old loves to help and I love that she’s already learning about where food comes from. She loves snacking on the cherry tomatoes as we potter about.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I tend to prepare it all, and then plant it all….lol…and then twiddle my thumbs waiting for it all to grow….but its all good which ever way you do it, at least you are doing it!

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