April in the Garden

Not quite the start of the month, but pretty close.  Here’s what should  be happening in my vegie patch this month.

Remaining summer vegetables (for me that includes eggplants and capsicums which have finally started fruiting as well as a couple of cucumbers which are having a very impressive and late second wind) as well as apples, pears, quinces and figs.  I can achieve the last one, but the rest are just a pipe dream.  Perhaps a dwarf pear tree could be my next acquisition.

Pumpkins and winter squash.  “Cure” the fruits by leaving them in the sun so their skins harden and the flesh ripens.  I only have one pumpkin on my vine and I will leave it a bit longer as it went in quite late, but then I will follow this advice.  I did have a second pumpkin, but accidently harvested it far too early.

Broad bean seeds – I have their garden bed ready and waiting, but will plant them towards the end of the month.

Garlic, onions and rhubarb.  I’ve done most of the garlic already, I have a few onions under glass at the moment (it’s probably too late to plant more seeds, but I think I will anyway after Easter).  Rhubarb is one of those things I’ve longed for in the garden, so I might try to find a crown to buy soon.  I’m not sure where I’ll plant it, but I tend to worry about that after any purchases.

Take Down
Supports used for climbing beans, peas and tomatoes.  I’ve done this already, though I’m planting more peas soon so some will go back up.

Clear Away
Dead plant material and compost it.  Begin winter digging (what does that mean??).  I’ve done the first bit.

It seems April is a month of getting the less exciting jobs done in the garden and less about either harvesting or planting.  I think I will probably try my luck with a few plantings anyway, plugging wholes that have not yet been filled.  Rules are, after all, made to be broken aren’t they.

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4 Responses to April in the Garden

  1. Liz says:

    I don’t think it is too late to plant onions dependant on the variety – the ones I’m growing this year recommend sowing in May or June. They do stay in the ground a long while though, and take up valuable space into January. I haven’t planted peas or broad beans yet – still awaiting space in the garden.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Glad to hear it’s not too late for some more onions, will get to that tomorrow. I’m a little worried about the whole demand for space issue when I want the summer veg in, but I’ll deal with that in a few months.

  2. Nina says:

    My broad bean bed is almost ready to take them on. I need to harvest the basil in one corner and bite the bullet and pull up the potatoes that have sprung from the compost.

    I set a place aside in another part of the garden to plant potatoes but my fingers are getting itchy so I’m going to plant (more) garlic and some onions there, instead. I’ve bought some ‘potato bags’ from Bunnings which I hope will do the trick and satisfy my need to produce home-grown potatoes. They taste amazing, don’t they?

    • Barbara Good says:

      I too have some basil I need to get to before it dies on me. Not much, but hopefully enough for a batch of pesto. I too can’t stop planting garlic and soon onions. The potato bags sound interesting, I might have to investigate them given my lack of space. I only grew potatoes for the first time this year thanks to a friend giving me four seed potatoes. We got 5.5kg from those four and they were amazing!

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