Tuesday’s Top Five – The Best of Easter

Okay, by now I’m hoping you will excuse my occasional tardiness with these posts, Tuesday just seem to come around so quickly and pass by in the blink of an eye.  By the time I realise I need to do my post my brain has well and truly given up for the day.  Anyway, here is the post that was due yesterday, with a suitably Easterish theme.  I think it still counts as Easter, as I still had hot cross buns for breakfast this morning…. oops just gave away one of my top fives.  And as I spent this Easter at my parents place there are a few extra special “best of Easter” things to share with you.

1. Seeings as I’ve mentioned it already I might as well stick it in the number one position, Hot Cross Buns.  I especially enjoy them warmed up in the oven and lightly buttered, served with a nice cup of tea.  We had quite an over abundance of HCB (as my sister coined them, very 2012 I thought), due to a lack of communication between Mum and Dad.  Six dozen buns for the over the four day break (between 7 adults and two kids) was a few too many.

2. The chocolate and a licence to pretty much go for it.  I say this for myself, Miss Two however, I tried to keep a leash on.  There was one mass sugar crash in the early afternoon one day, followed by a nice long afternoon nap and then a happy two year old emerged on the other side.  Chocolate also makes for awesome bribery, now there’s some parenting 101 from my house.

3. Actually for me this might be just about the best thing about this particular Easter, my gorgeous sister (and Mum one morning) got up with Miss Two at 6.30am every morning leaving me to sleep in past eight – and even past nine one morning.  Miss Two and my sister were sharing a room, so it was inevitable that Miss Two wake her ready to attack the day rather than seek out her Dad or me.  Even Baby Good was usually up having breakfast when I got up, it was bliss.  Sadly no one volunteered to do the 3am waking, so I still got stuck with that one.

4. Spending three days with my whole family (besides my sisters partner who had hurt his back playing golf a few days earlier and couldn’t make the three hour or more drive).  Along with my parents and sister, my brother and sister-in-law also made the trip.  Mum was stoked, she cooked up a storm for us all to enjoy – and boy did we enjoy it! – we drank plenty of wine and, following tradition, played a few board games (Scrabble, Balderdash, Uno etc).  It’s been a long time since we were all in one spot for such a length of time and it was really nice.

5.  This last spot was supposed to be for the glorious Easter weather I so adore, but it was just darn cold!  The heater went on for the first time and I even had to put on the electric blanket at Mum’s, her place is considerably colder than mine.  We drove through huge dust storms in the crazy windy weather and there were a few drizzles of rain, but not much and Western Victoria needs a good dousing about now.  Perhaps instead of the weather I’ll put in the practice run I did with my sister and sister-in-law in preparation for the Mother’s Day Classic.  My sister-in-law is by far the fastest, helps having legs up to your armpits I suppose, but it was excellent motivation for us.  She will have to wear something distinctive on the day so we can try to keep up.  We ran along the river not far from Mum and Dad’s place which was lovely (apart from the head wind in one fairly open section), peaceful and quiet.  Unfortunately the track wasn’t paved or even actually there the whole way and there were a few gates or fences to get over, as well as some sheep to dodge.  And being the country we did get a few horns honked or wolf whistles from passing cars. Now I just have to find a new time to run during the week seeings as it’s dark by the time Mr Good gets home.

Some company on our run.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and are recovery from any over-indulgences of the chocolate kind.

And if you’re after some Autumn vegetable planting ideas have a look at Liz’s (on time) list.  I can very proudly say ‘check’ to all five!

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2 Responses to Tuesday’s Top Five – The Best of Easter

  1. Liz says:

    That’s a lot of buns. I would have had to substitute the footy for the sleep ins but otherwise perfect.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Liz, six dozen buns really is a lot, even for HCB lovers as we are. Needless to say there are still some in Mum and Dad’s freezer. I should also add that the footy was on the telly quite a lot, but is it just me or has the broadcasting of games been terrible so far this season. Where is the Sunday arvo game on TV? In better news it looks like I’ll be enjoying my first child free live game on Saturday night thanks to my brother braving babysitting duties with his wife. It’s my team vs Mr Good’s team, someones not going to be happy!

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