Slow Living 2012 – Month Three

I’ve been reading with interest the monthly updates from Christine over at Slow Living Essentials detailing all the wonderful slow living things she does, what a great idea!  Having read three I started thinking about how I would fill her categories, not sure I’ll be able to find something for all of them, but I’m willing to give it ago for Month Three – March – which seems ages ago now.  Like everything, I’m behind the eight ball, but I wanted to strike while the iron was hot so to speak.  In fact I might just combine my first three months into one and then do it the more traditional way next month.  So here goes:

March was the start of hot cross bun season in my books.  I didn’t get as many batches done as I was hoping, but several were made and consumed and tasted a darn sight better than those I attempted years ago.  I also made an enormous boiled and baked chocolate cake and a chocolate cheesecake slice both to take away on a weekend with friends.  Thankfully there was plenty of the cake left to cut up and freeze and a few pieces of slice to enjoy on our return (hidden from Miss Two!).

Fig jam and more fig jam.  Plus some green tomato pickles.
I also thought I would add in this section preparing the garden beds for winter crops, weeding, adding compost, blood and bone and sheep poo.
Finally and most importantly, I prepared playdough for Miss Two.  Her colour request….. brown!  A very tricky colour to master I discovered.

At the moment I’m on a drive to reduce our electricity consumption, as much for the state of our bank balance as for the environment.  Firstly I had three standby switches installed so that when you turn off the TV or computer it also turns off anything using standby power (like the little red lights that stay on even when the tv is off).  The one on the tv also have a device which switches the set off completely if the remote hasn’t been touched for a certain amount of time, I set the time for three hours but somehow Baby Good – who loves playing with the little button thingy – reset it to turn off after an hour, very annoying at a crucial point in a footy match!  Even more annoying is that I can’t figure out how to change it back.

Well the above could also fit into this category, but I’ve got something even better… solar panels!  Yes, we left it to two days before the rebates were set to end, but we (and when I say we, I mean Mr Good, and what a good man he is sometimes) finally got around to signing up for some solar panels, ten of them in fact.  They won’t be installed for another month or two, but they should provide about 50% or more of our power.  I’m very excited.

March was a month of sowing seeds, buying seeds and seed garlic.  The seed trays were filled with broccoli, peas, onions, and lettuce.  One bed was planted out with root vegetables, turnips, parsnips, beetroots and carrots.  It’s doing okay, but not quite as well as I’d hoped for.  Perhaps it’s time now to inter-plant with more seeds where the previous ones failed.  We had quite a bit of rain here and there, but also long periods without rain, and my watering was sporadic.  I tend to neglect that once the summer ends – I really need to watch for that in future.

I have to say there was very little creating done in March.  In fact I’m not sure I can think of anything, except some crazy songs at Miss Two’s request… “Mum sing about….. whales…. changing Baby Good….. rocking on the rocking chair…..etc, etc.”  All going to plan I will have several items for this category for April’s update.

This is where I really start to feel like I fall down, I really don’t do anything on a wider community sort of scale.  I gave some of my jam away to a friend (she gave me a rhubarb chutney), does that count?  I signed up for the Mother’s Day Classic supporting breast cancer research.  I took Miss Two to the fete at her childcare centre.  That’s about it.

A few new blogs, some great ideas and inspirations at the flower and garden show.

The start of the footy season, the flower and garden show, finding a new TV series Mr Good and I both enjoy.  We don’t tend to watch much together, except Q and A which I love and he enjoys watching me yell at the TV.  My preference is to watch something on the ABC or SBS or to get it on DVD and watch in our own time because I can’t stand ads.  This is what we’ve been doing lately, unfortunately the TV series is so good we watch the whole first season in a few days (I’ll reveal what it is soon in a Tuesday’s Top Five).  And finally, a weekend spent with friends at Lake Eppalock.

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4 Responses to Slow Living 2012 – Month Three

  1. Liz says:

    Oh you are good – I especially like the inventive songs.

  2. I’m totally with you on the TV front. We watch Q & A and not much else. Although we really enjoyed ‘The Straits’ on ABC, but watched it on iView.

    Our current addiction is Mad Men. I made the dangerous discovery that it is really easy to buy TV shows on iTunes. No more DVDs kicking around the house 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Mmmm, chocolate cheesecake, yum! Great to have you joining in this month! Well done on the solar panels..this must be hugely exciting! 🙂

  4. I really must do this too…I love the idea and it would be great to reflect on the year and the slow living goals and achievements.

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