May in the Garden

Root vegetables (not nearly ready), autumn brassicas (still very tiny), Oriental leaves (pak choy has started coming up again via the good old self seeded method, still very small but grows quickly so will be picking soon), and late-season salad crops (a few very small lettuce still in the ground).  I do have lots of silverbeet, some eggplants and capsicums, together with the herbs that’s all the garden has to offer at the moment.  There were a few other things to harvest now, like kale and kohlrabi, but I don’t grow them so I’ll just enjoy watching others harvest them.

Broad beans (done, though I might find room for some more a little later in the month), garlic (done) and rhubarb – I love rhubarb so I should go and get myself a crown about now and then ponder where on earth I’m going to plant it.

Prepare the soil for
bare-rooted fruit trees, bushes and canes.  This is just there to tease me as I really don’t think I can squeeze another tree into my yard.  Perhaps a dwarf something in a pot, or another blueberry bush or two.  Are there any other fruits I can grow in pots?  I’d love more fruit coming from our small bit of land.

Persimmons (I have seen so many persimmon trees covered with fruit around my suburb, usually when I’m out running, I wonder if they eat them all?), kiwifruit, late apples and some varieties of citrus.  Mostly I can only dream here, but I do have TWO limes ready on my dwarf lemon/lime tree.  I need to find something special to do with them.

I just do NOT like that word, but the idea is that I’m supposed to dig over the plot, remove weeds and add compost.  Thankfully I’ve pretty much done that at the back, there’s one spot still weedy and another that needs some compost.

I like this time of year in the garden, it’s not crazy busy like spring, there’s still the pleasure of planting, especially as I am planting root vegetables every few weeks and some varieties all year round, the watering is being taken care of by mother nature and there’s still some harvesting to do.  I feel like I can breathe a little easier, enjoy some quiet time doing a little here and there, contemplating what I would like to do and the rest of the time I can spend with Miss Three and Baby Good – Miss Three is getting pretty good on the trike now.  And on those days of constant rain I stand at the windows and watch the garden soaking it all up, turn the heater on and find something interesting to do inside (fine as long as it doesn’t go on day after day which it has done a bit lately).

I think now might be the perfect time to get working on my plans for the front yard.

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3 Responses to May in the Garden

  1. Liz says:

    Mum & Dad have a persimmon and every year just as the fruits are almost ready the birds descend. They get a few but not the glut you’d imagine looking at the tree. I’m not a big fan of them personally I like my fruit a bit more acidic.

  2. Barbara Good says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for descending flocks around all those persimmon trees Liz. The flavour and texture is certainly unusual, but I quite like them and have found them a nice mellow flavour that the girls enjoy. Having said that Miss Three eats lemons, so she certainly isn’t apposed to a bit of acid!

  3. Andrea says:

    That word DIG ………………..i know how you feel but sometimes its just got to be done, iv’e just come inside(sould be putting dinner on) from digging over a bed with a bit of help from the chooks.
    I tried a persimmon last week ERK……. not for me.

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