Rare Harvest

I’m sure very gardener has things in the garden that they particularly look forward to, produce only a few of or are difficult to grow so that the harvesting of those things becomes a very special event.  I have a few things that fall into this category, the readiness of my one butternut pumpkin (not perfect looking, but I’m hoping it tastes amazing) and even more so my first two limes.  I’ve been trying to grow citrus for years, my first lemon tree failed to produce a single lemon despite countless attempts to make it happier.  In the end I cut my losses and pulled it out, it never really recovered from the citrus wasp thingy.  I now have a lemon/lime grafted dwarf tree in a bit pot, it has already given me these two precious limes, so it’s already ahead of the game, and is now beginning to produce flowers.  The lime side seems much more productive so far.

Now what I need to do is to decide on how to use these two rare harvests.  What would you do with them?  I want something that really highlights the harvests, so a great pumpkin dish and a great lime dish/dessert is what I’m after.  Suggestions?  I’m very tempted by City Hippy Farmgirl’s Lime and Ricotta Tart.

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7 Responses to Rare Harvest

  1. Liz says:

    Congratulations – very exciting. That tart recipe looks lovely! With your pumpkin I vote soup – partially because of the weather forecast but mostly because pumpkin soup is delicious and all about the pumpkin. Great texture on its skin.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Ah the tart just didn’t happen, but I did come up with another use for the limes. The pumpkin will be transforming itself into soup tomorrow I hope. Definitely soup weather!

  2. ah you give me hope. I really would like to try a lime tree in a pot, I just don’t think we have enough sun for its liking… I am tempted though. Enjoy your precious harvest, and I hope they taste delicious what ever you decide to do with them 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      I have my lemon/lime tree under my pergola so it only gets morning sun and it seems very happy. I might have to move it into a more open position soon with these shortening days.

  3. Andrea says:

    Rare harvests are special…………congrats !!
    I’d probably chose to make something thats going to last a bit so you can enjoy it for longer, maybe Lemon& Lime Marmalade you could always add a hint of ginger too.
    And with the pumpkin, Indian spiced chutney…………i have a god recipe if you like.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I liked you’re idea about making the limes last a bit longer, though after my last marmalade attempt I’m not quite ready to go back there.

      I’d love your recipe for the Indian Spiced Chutney for the pumpkin too Andrea, sounds very interesting.

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