It was a BIG Day!

Do you ever have one of those days where you realise half way through that you’re trying to squeeze too many things into too short a time?  I experienced this on Sunday and the fact that I was asleep on the couch by 8 o’clock (I NEVER fall asleep on the couch) just proves how exhausted I was by the end of it.  Nevertheless, it was a pretty great day from both the Mother’s Day point of view and as a celebration of Baby Good’s (now Miss One) first year.

The day started early for me, 6am the alarm went off in a dark and thankfully quiet house.  I had a glorious half an hour up by myself to get ready for the big run, with no one demanding anything of me and free to eat my own breakfast (a rare treat).  It was a lovely calm start to Mother’s Day and perfect for getting my self ‘psyched’ for the event.

The Mother’s Day Classic is now in it’s 15th year and events happen all over Australia (and even in some overseas locations according to their facebook page) and in Melbourne there were 40,000 people signed up.  That’s a lot of runners/walkers!  My sister, sister-in-law and I were three participants and while we had signed up purely for the challenge of the run, many others were doing it in tribute to friends and relatives who had suffered (or were currently fighting) breast cancer, this was both saddening and empowering.  Having said that, breast cancer has touched my extended family in a terribly tragic way and I had that in my thoughts.

My goal was to finish in under an hour, though I openly said I was hoping for an hour and ten minutes so as not to freak my sister out.  She is easily freaked out by statements like that but I was pretty sure we had it in us to do a ‘PB’.  Competing in a fun run is not like running on your own, there are constantly people running around you (sounds obvious, but I hadn’t really thought about that), getting in your way and you getting in theirs.  You have to concentrate a bit more because of this.  I also found it harder to get in my zone, especially with the breathing, but the enthusiasm and energy of running with that many people was a real boost.  I read somewhere recently that ‘fun run’ was an oxymoron, I disagree, it really was fun.  My parents and brother were on the side lines as we completed lap number one (I had told Mr Good just to be there towards the end as the weather was atrocious) and we were pacing ourselves well.  I should point out that our sister-in-law was way out in front being a much faster runner than us.  We timed the start of our second lap perfectly, getting through the start line just before the next wave of walkers started – it would have been very tricky to run in among thousands of walkers – and powered up the hill… til exhaustion struck and we had to walk up the last third of the hill.  It was pretty easy from there through the last 2kms and we had a nice sprint to the finish line, again passing Mum and Dad, but not seeing Mr Good with the girls!  I was NOT happy about that.  And our time…. 58 mins and 23 secs, a personal best for both of us!

As for Mr Good, he apparently thought he could get the girls up, dressed, fed and out the door in half an hour.  He could not.  There was also parking issues, so by the time he got down to the final corner where he was going to watch from, in view of the finish line, we had already gone through.  I was disappointed, but it was freezing and very wet so probably not the sort of weather I wanted the girls to be standing around in.

Me, Sister-in-law and Sister after the run.

We rewarded ourselves and the rest of the family with a big cooked breakfast on South Bank after the run.  This was great, except for the fact that my clothes were quite damp (it rained throughout the event on and off, sometimes quite heavily) and by the time we’d finished I was freezing and my back and leg – still not what they were after two pregnancies with SPD – really seized up making the walk back to the car slow and awkward.  By the time we got home Mr Good and I had an hour and a half to whip the house into some semblance of order and tidiness and get the food ready for Baby Good’s first birthday party.  Thankfully it was family only and they understand if things don’t look perfect and they also bring food so it didn’t matter that I didn’t get everything made.

Baby Good was a bit grumpy, tired and with a cold so we got straight into the presents, food and cake before she really hit the wall.  Miss Three loved greeting everyone at the door and checking that they had brought a present for her sister, I’m not sure she would have let them in had they come empty handed.  There were lovely books, a few new clothes, and a few toys, plus a gorgeous ride-on mouse.

This seemed to be a big hit!

I had um’ed and ah’ed about the cake since Miss Three’s birthday party two weeks ago.  I was going to do a giraffe, then thought a teddy bear was more appropriate as her nickname at home is bear.  Then I decided both of these options were too complicated and I wasn’t in the right head space to tackle these so I settled on a ladybird.  I was quite pleased with the end result, but the red was really dark pink (I ran out of red food colouring) and the black was brown as I couldn’t find black food colouring anywhere (I did leave it to the last minuted though).  Regardless, it did look cute and was very easy to make and decorate.  Afterwards, Mr Good declared he would do her cake next year – I’m pushing for something more complicated than a snowman!

It wasn’t until well after 6pm that we had the house back to ourselves (not that we minded, it was just a long day by this point), and even later before we had both girls asleep and the place tidied up (mostly). I was spent, well and truly.  I went to bed early (after Mr Good woke me up when I fell asleep on the couch) with a heat pack on my back.  I’d like to say I woke up this morning feeling well rested and without the aching muscles, but Baby Good had me up every two hours so I’m still a bit weary.  The muscles are feeling better though. I don’t think I’ll try and do a birthday party and Mother’s Day together again, but I hope that the fun run will be an annual event, it was a great way to start Mother’s Day and something that I did just for me.

And as for the next running challenge we’re thinking the 10km Run Melbourne event. Can I do another 2kms? I’m not sure.

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7 Responses to It was a BIG Day!

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow what a day! Cute cake, looking like it’s being enjoyed too.

  2. Liz says:

    Yay! Congratulations. Yes of course you can do another 2 km (says she who struggles to run 2 kms….). The cake is perfect! I made a ladybird for Miss 5’s 3rd birthday. It was going really well until I put frozen raspberries into the butter icing making it solidify and separate instantaneously. A rather dappled ladybird it ended up.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks for the confidence Liz, but that extra 2km seems like a long way right now. I’m going to give it a go on Sunday and see how it feels.

      I’m impressed with your natural food colouring option, far healthier than the artificial stuff I loaded my icing with! I remember mum adding some raspberries to the icing and cream filling of a sponge cake she made for a fundraiser. They both turned the most vibrant pink you can imagine and the cake was given a wide berth at the cake stall, pity because it tasted delicious – actually maybe it wasn’t a pity, we got to take it home again and eat it ourselves.

  3. rcra says:

    Hey I recognise those blurry people!! Congratulations on a fantastic run – so impressed with the dedication you two have shown -SIL too! I can’t believe you set up the b’day party on the same day without outsourcing the cake (gah!), but well done all round 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      We’re blurry because we’re running SO FAST rcra! We did do well didn’t we, especially considering we’ve only been running since November. Planning the birthday party on the same day seemed like a good idea a couple of weeks ago, but I must say it was a bit too much in reality. I got the cake done the day before – I always feel calmer once that job is done – but her present is still in need of an extra coat of paint and some screwing together! Good thing she won’t remember this in the future.

  4. Andrea says:

    Fantastic achievement Barb !!! Your big smiles at the end of the run tell the strory and I’m with Liz another 2kms is possible…………………
    Love the ladybird cake and do i hear a touch of competition with Mr Good on future birthday cakes……

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