The Wild Imaginings of a Three Year Old

If nothing else I thought my siblings might appreciate this post.  It reminded me of our crazy pirate ships made from upside down bicycles and retro banana lounges (though I guess they weren’t quite so retro when we were using them hey).

Miss Three decided she wanted to make a car out of ‘something big and round’… okay.  She settled on the washing basket.  Next in order was a steering wheel, easy I thought, a saucepan lid.  Three were rejected being either too big or too small until she found the perfect sized one (but fear not they were all put to good use).  Of course every car needs a seat and a seat belt, in came a cushion from the couch and one of Mr Good’s belts.  A car wouldn’t be quite right without a boot, so the box insert of a little ride on toy was purposed for that.  Finally we needed a bonnet (I didn’t even know she knew what a bonnet was), a windscreen and a horn.  The little red chair served as both windscreen and bonnet and the pole from a stacking toy slotted through the gap served as a horn.  Very inventive Miss Three!

I hear you asking what became of the three rejected saucepan lids, you can see one of them on the back, apparently that’s the number plate, the other two were slotted into the sides of the washing basket as the side mirrors.

The construction of this marvelous machine was half the fun and took considerable time to get just right.  The next part of the game involved going on long road trips, complete with driving music, sung of course by Miss Three.  She loves making up her own songs, the words are very repetitive… it’s a good thing I’m adept at tuning them out.

It was a perfect way to spend a very wet afternoon.

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One Response to The Wild Imaginings of a Three Year Old

  1. Hehe that is a very cute pic! And I’m sure that she felt that she was driving the streets! 🙂

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