The Weekend Wrap

Having decided that what we were doing on the weekends really wasn’t working for any of us, I made a point over the last two days to refocus and put some structure into these ‘days off’ so the girls were happier and tempers were less frayed by the end.  This proved a tricky weekend to start the plan as Mr Good was scheduled to work from 10.30am on Saturday until the job was done, so it was left to me.  Plus he needed some peace and quiet to get that work done – he does the weekend work from home – so we had to get out of the house.  So here’s how the weekend panned out:

Friday night – Mr Good came home early from work, collected Miss Three and took her into the city.  They went to Movida Next Door for dinner (to say I was jealous is a MASSIVE understatement, if you’ve never been you must and when you d,o get the croquettes!) and then they enjoyed a freezing night at the footy.  She was asleep in Mr Good’s arms a few minutes after the final siren and he carried her, cradle hold, from the ground to the train station, waiting the ten or so minutes for the train and then the whole way home without her stirring once.  I think his arms might have been just a little weary after all that.  Despite the fact that I was left home with Miss One, eating reheated rice for dinner, it makes me all warm and squishy inside that he adores giving our kids such wonderful experiences and never hesitates to take them with him pretty much anywhere.

Saturday – Swimming lessons as usual, dropped Mr Good home again once we were done and then the girls and I went to pick up their beloved Aunty – my sister – and we hit the Slow Food Market at the Abbotsford Convent (Sarah, I read your comment this afternoon, it seems we had a meeting of the minds, shopping and an outing in one).  It was great, I’ve been once or twice before in the time before kids, but it was packed full of families and was a lovely way to spend the rest of the morning, including a lovely lunch at their bakery (leek and asparagus pie = devine).  I managed to pick up lots of nice things, but for me the picks of the day was some ethically produced pork, proper free range eggs and some organic dried apricots.

Here’s the rest of the bounty, leeks, honey, garlic, mushrooms, goat’s cheese and apple juice.

We got home as the skies opened up.  The Gruffalo’s Child DVD was a nice quiet way to recover from a busy morning.  And while the girls did that I hit the kitchen for one of Jamie’s Thirty Meals – Satay Chicken and Noodle Salad.

Sunday – I was up early for an 11km run with my sister (it turns out adding a few ks to our training wasn’t as hard as I was expecting).  Then we met friends for a early sitting of Yum Cha at the Gold Leaf in Preston (I love the ginger prawn dumplings).  It seems everyone had exhausted themselves by this point as the other three members of my family all had long afternoon naps, leaving me with some precious reading time.  An easy dinner of Quiche Lorraine, with those gorgeous eggs, and a delicious simple salad with a mayo and dijon mustard dressing was in order with enough left for lunch tomorrow.  The salad was made using some new salad leaves called Wasabi Greens – they’re great if you ever see them around, they have a sight peppery wasabi-like flavour but not with too much heat.  I teamed them with my last home grown cuccumber, some blanched carrot rounds and spring onions.

And that’s the weekend wrap.  It turned into quite a food weekend and perhaps not terribly child-focused on the surface, but it worked for us…. no snapping, very few tears and happy, tired kids in bed and sleeping peacefully now.  It’s Mr Good’s turn next weekend while I enjoy a day with some girl friends.

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