June In the Garden

It seems being a bit slow off the mark has been my style in June, so a week into the month what should I be doing in the garden?  Actually between the cold and wet days and illness running its course through the family the garden has been pretty well neglected for a couple of weeks.  I venture out quickly each evening to pick what I need for dinner, have the occasional short wander around with Miss One to see how things are going and every now and then brave the cold and do a little job or two that can’t be put off any further (a bit of weeding, pulling out the eggplants and cucumber and adding a bit more wire for the peas to grow up).  Hopefully I’ll find the time and motivation to get out there a bit more over the rest of the month.

Harvest: leeks, root vegetables, brassicas, oriential leaves and late season hardy salad crops.  It’s only root vegetables (turnips) and oreintal leaves (pak choy) that I can tick off from that list.

Plant: garlic, rhubarb sets and bare rooted fruit trees and bushes.   Sadly I have no more room for full sized fruit trees, though I think I will get another dwarf for a pot and I’m hoping for some more blueberry bushes as well.

Prune: apple and pear trees, deciduous nut trees, berry bushes and outdoor grape vines.  I’ve been waiting patiently to start pruning my apple trees in particular, they have some lower branches that need removing and I’ll take a bit off the top to stop them getting too tall.  However, they’ve only just started losing their leaves so I’ll wait a little longer.  The plum tree is just about bare already so I think that one will the right to prune now.

Dig: over you plot, removing weeds and adding compost.  Yep, the weeds definitely need attention and I think I’ve decided to leave a few areas free of crops so I should add some compost to them now ready for spring planting.  More planning is needed for my winter garden so I make the most out of it, but am still ready to plant the spring crops early enough to get the most out of them as well, such a balancing act when you have a small plot.

And that’s the June summary, things are definitely slowing down aren’t they.

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4 Responses to June In the Garden

  1. It seems like so much work when you write it all down like that, doesn’t it? Our garden is just starting. We’ve had a couple of mesclun mix salads and green onions, but nothing else yet. Its early in the season for us.

    • Barbara Good says:

      It’s not as much work at this end of the gardening year than at the other end (the one you’re currently in the midst of). It’s all the weeding I just can’t get on top of… or should I say always find something else to do out there so I can avoid the weeding.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Oh gosh, so many things to do in the garden!!! the weeds are atrocious at my place!

    The new thinking in fruit tree maintenance is to prune in late autumn or spring instead of winter when the tree is dormant as it enables the wounds to seal properly and quickly. It makes sense really to do it when the sap is flowing…

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’m so glad you said that Phoebe, the weeds here are terrible too. There are a couple of spots I really should find some perennials for. They’re too shady for much in the way of edibles, and just get neglected so fill up with weeds. If I had a couple or shrubs and ground covers at least then the weeds wouldn’t have room to grow, Oh well, just another thing to put on the list.

      Thanks for the tip about the fruit trees, I’ll leave them until spring. Actually I was talking to my mother in law the other day, she grew up on an apple orchard. Apparently her father used to prune all his trees just as they started to bud again. Sounds like the same sort of reasoning as you mentioned.

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