Monday Harvest – 11 June, 2012

Oh boy, this week has just been more of the same really.  Can I post the same harvest every week?  How boring!  But anyway here we go again.

1. Herbs – this week rosemary for some pan fried potatoes, as well as a beef and vegetable pie, also bay leaves for the same dish. Mint for some Indian lamb patties and lots of parsley.  I am getting a little worried about the herbs actually, they’re getting such a work out and not coming back as quickly as I would like.  That’s especially the case with the mint and thyme, maybe I should get another plant or two.

2. Silverbeet – just used as side dishes this week, nothing terrible exciting and certainly nothing that I haven’t posted about before.  However, given that this is about the only crop I can rely on at the moment I have been seeking out some new ways to use it.

3. Capsicums – oh wait, that’s something different.  I have one capsicum plant in the garden, it was the only one that survived after germination trouble and then something eating my seedlings.  It didn’t set fruit until right at the end of the summer and then they took an age to grow, they NEVER turned red, I assume now that they weren’t suppose to.  Stupidly I bought a packet of ‘mixed’ capsicum seeds (I had visions of red, orange, yellow and green peppers, a veritable rainbow of options, but that wasn’t to be) which means that I had no idea what type these are, perhaps bull horns?  Anyway, I decided to pick the four biggest ones still on the plant now and then hope that the many small ones have time to develop.  I’m also going to attempt to ‘over winter’ the plant and see if I can keep it going for next season, thankfully it’s in a fairly protected spot in an already fairly protected garden.  I do so hope to have more luck with capsicums next year though.

I haven’t actually used them yet, but plan to add them to some Boston baked beans tomorrow.  Oh and it’s also the only thing I bothered to photograph.

Yes, these are the BIG ones. I’m sure they’re supposed to be small…. aren’t they?

I can’t promise anything exciting next week in terms of what I pick, but perhaps I can do something different with it.

I will definitely be checking out other people’s harvests to see what I could be doing, or perhaps get a taste of summer from those on the other side of the world.

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6 Responses to Monday Harvest – 11 June, 2012

  1. Liz says:

    I reckon they are supposed to be small she says confidently..ish… My mint is growing really sluggishly at the moment too. From memory last year it started to grow much quicker in about August when the days start getting a bit longer again. Thyme usually dies back a bit in winter too so I don’t think I’d buy a new plant as it probably wont put on much growth til Spring anyway.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I agree, I think they’re supposed to be small. Good to hear your thoughts about the herbs. I had a look at the mint today and think I might re-pot it again, it’s looking a bit tight in the pot it’s currently in. The thyme I’ll leave and see if it picks up again in a couple of months…. and try to to pick too much from it in the meantime.

  2. They look like Jalapenos – which are supposed to be small and on the milder side of hot, but hot enough that you don’t want to rub your eyes after cutting one up.

  3. maryhysong says:

    Herbs grow on their own schedule; and most die back in the winter. although cilantro is more of a winter weed and grows like crazy in cool weather.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ve taken up your idea of growing coriander in winter, I planted some seeds in a pot today and have it sitting in the sunny kitchen window. I’m hoping I have more success with it than my previous attempts.

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