Harvest Monday – 2 July, 2012

I’ve hit the real hungry time in the garden now with not much of anything ready to pick.  The trusty thyme and mint have gone completely dormant and I don’t feel like I can pick from them very often.  Even the silver beet seems to be slowing down, though is still our source of greens.

As such very little has been picked, just a few silver beet leaves and parsley.

And two sort of exciting things, but not enough to fill our plates with home grown veggies.

I picked the final two capsicums from the plant that’s still in the ground (notice there’s only one in the picture?  My not-so-adorable dog manage to swipe the other one off my potting bench while I was planting out some chives and spring onions, ratbag!).  The plant is looking decidedly straggly and a bit chewed now so I’m not sure if it will survive the rest of the winter.  It still had lots of tiny fruit on it.  I think I might prune them all off, stake it up a bit and maybe put some plastic around it to give it some protection for the rest of the winter and see how it goes.

The other TINY but delicious harvest was the very first of my garden shelling peas.  Not enough to do anything but snack on.  Miss Three got most of them, and that will probably be her green food intake for the week!  The ones I had were so sweet and fresh tasting.  Even if I never get enough for an actual dish they are worth growing just to eat raw straight from the pods.

I’m beginning to think next week could be a complete bust for harvesting around here, come on carrots and broccoli it’s your time to shine!  For more go here

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11 Responses to Harvest Monday – 2 July, 2012

  1. Liz says:

    My mint is dormant too – distressing isn’t it – hopefully it will start growing again soon. From memory I think it got going again in late July., but I might just be being hopeful.

  2. Norma Chang says:

    I m still finding it strange and confusing to read about gardening in other parts of the world. Will get it one of these fine days. Plants are going dormant for you and I am waiting for mine to set flowers and so on and so forth.

  3. Our peas aren’t ready yet, but I can’t wait to have some to snack on too.

  4. Julie says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a veggie snatching dog. Mine will stick his head through the little fence and pull tomatoes off the plant.

  5. Rick says:

    We were in a little drought of harvesting this week as well but we are in the middle of the summer. Just a few peas and Kohl Rabi. But the tomatoes and summer squash are coming soon!!

  6. I plant English peas (garden shelling peas) for the sheer joy of eating them raw and watching the kids devour them raw, too.

  7. kitsapFG says:

    Don’t you just love shelling peas?! They really are an all time favorite for us. Our big harvest of peas is looking like it might happen this coming week – two weeks at the lastest. I hope your hungry gap period is relatively brief.

  8. Andrea says:

    How exciting your first peas, lucky Miss 3 ! I’m waiting on my broccoli too…………

  9. maryhysong says:

    fresh raw peas are just heaven! Can’t wait for cooler weather to have some.

  10. LisaB says:

    My broccoli is toast. It has bolted from the heat. We have been in the 100’s here in Missouri. What are your temps right now? The peas look so yummy, I never grow them because the heat usually kills them off before getting much. I’m thinking about growing them in partial shade this fall and seeing what happens.

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