Monday Harvest – 23 June, 2012

As promised, this week’s harvest continued in the positive and more bountiful manner as last week.

It seemed to come in pairs:

A pair of broccoli heads, each weighing 250g.  One head went into a broccoli soup and the second will be used in a noodle dish.

A pair of capsicums, small as they are, I was astounded that the over-wintered capsicum plants is still putting out the odd capsicum large enough to warrant picking.  These too will go into the noodle dish.

A pair of pea pods, a little gardener’s snack.  I meant to take some photos of my pea plants, there is definitely something wrong with them.  I’ll post them later in the week in the hope that someone can help me, but as a run down I have two plants that are particularly stunted.  They still produce pods, but everything about them looks small and sickly.  I also have white spots on the leaves of the other plants.  These are the same issues I had when I tried growing peas last spring.

Lastly, there were some herbs, though not has much as most week.  I did happen to snap a shot of the parsley just before it got cut up to go in the broccoli soup.

And that’s the harvest this week, for more head to Daphne’s.

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29 Responses to Monday Harvest – 23 June, 2012

  1. Half a kilo of broccoli – nice work, and capsicums in winter – amazing!

  2. slowborg says:

    Mmmm I could eat half a kilo of broc a week on my own! Particularly home grown 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    Your broccoli is looking great. I’m down to side shoots which I also enjoy but the volume is starting to diminish a bit. My peas have been hopeless this year.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ve started in the side shoots too. Once they start to slow down I’ll rip the plants out to give the cabbages a bit more room and the give the end of the bed a rest before spring planting. What is it with peas, think I’m going to give them up and try snow peas or sugar snaps next year.

  4. Patsy says:

    Your broccoli looks just beautiful! Wish I could grow a head like that!

  5. Andrea says:

    Mmmm Broccoli soup…………….that sounds interesting.

    • Barbara Good says:

      My opinion is that pretty much any vegetable makes a good soup. Just with some sauted onion, chicken stock, the broccoli and seasoning. Once the veggies are soft, whiz it up with the stick blender, add a little cream and in this case some cheese (a combination of parmesan and vintage tasty). Very tasty.

  6. leduesorelle says:

    Your harvest reminds me of how much I appreciate anything growing mid-winter, and that even having fresh parsley can be a treat!

  7. Norma Chang says:

    Perfect pair of broccoli, I had harvested mine a little too late.

  8. Dave's SFG says:

    Wow, those are nice heads of broccoli. Mine never get that large. It’s nice to have your fresh broccoli.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks David. I have a couple more large heads to come and then the rest are on the smaller side, but I’ve been very impressed with my attempts this year regardless.

  9. zentMRS says:

    Wonderful broccoli! I’ve never had any get so big.

  10. kitsapfg says:

    Really beautiful heads of broccoli. Our spring planted broccoli has been done for a while now, but I just put some more plants in the ground for our fall harvest. If I can keep the slugs off them long enough for them to get growing well, I can look forwards to some broccoli that hopefully will look as nice as your harvest this week.

    • Barbara Good says:

      How nice to have two harvest of broccoli, it really is one of my favourite vegetables. I also heard that of all the vegetables grown commercially, broccoli is the most heavily sprayed with chemicals so I was really keen to grow my own.

  11. Your broccoli looks wonderful! You’ve harvested more broccoli right there than I did in total this summer! Congrats!

  12. Rick says:

    Great looking harvest, the broccoli looks fantastic!

  13. maryhysong says:

    Really nice harvest. Perhaps your peas have powdery mildew? If you are having cool weather but not freezing too hard they should be growing like crazy. Perhaps post a picture so we can see the problem and make a guess.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ll post some pics next week Mary, I’d love to hear what people thing are the problems. There are a couple that have really headed skyward, but there’s definitely issues.

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