The Weekend Wrap – July 29, 2012

After a week of lovely mid-winter sunny days, though some very chilly mornings, we’ve had another cold snap in Melbourne with rain on and off for several days now.  Not great weather for a weekend on the go, so instead we stopped…. well sort of.

We did make it to swimming on Saturday morning for the first time in three weeks, the break due to school holidays and then illness.  My water baby Miss Three was back in her element and back to her usual pool-side antics and mid-lesson singing sessions (of course this is done loudly and with no thought to what else is going on around her, she really does live in her own world sometimes).  Her teacher is amazingly patient!

Our usual outing to the farmer’s market after swimming was put on hold as I spent the time instead with Miss One in the doctor’s waiting room yet again.  She has been a misery guts for days and has a mouth full of strange sores and ulcers.  It’s either oral thrush thanks to a recent course of anti-biotics or some sort of odd virus.  We’re treating for the first option and will have to ride it out if it’s the second.  Either way it has not been fun for anyone and, if it’s at all possible, we’re now getting less sleep than before.

The rest of the day was spent quietly at home with lots of books, a bit of cleaning, the icing of a cake and a pot full of chicken noodle soup in an attempt to get these sick and grizzly children back to themselves.  I then headed out for a night with the playgroup mother’s at The Moor’s Head,  Again we indulged in a lot of pizzas and pides and enjoyed great conversation.

Today we had a rare completely free weekend day so I donned the never-leave-the-house-in tracksuit pants and big baggy jumper that used to be Mr Good’s and reveled in the fact that we didn’t HAVE to do anything.  Mr Good made pancakes for breakfast – YUM! – and I hit the kitchen for some from-scratch cooking.  I prepared a pot of chicken stock ready to go in the slow cooker tonight, made Mr Good another batch of cereal, blanched some more broccoli that had been picked but wasn’t going to get used in time, bagged it up and froze it for later and whipped up a batch of pizza dough for tonight’s dinner.  I had planned to make bread as well, but I was pushing my luck with the patients of the kids as it was so that got put off for later in the week.

I also braved the out of doors briefly and finally got around to replanting my seed trays.  I had been wanting to do this for weeks, but it was full of seedlings waiting to be planted out. I found time to do that last week so all was good for replanting.  I put in three types of tomatoes – armish paste, borghese principe and san marzano – some eggplants, mixed capsicums and mixed Italian lettuce.  Heaven’s knows where I’m going to put these when the time comes to plant them out, but I was determined not to be caught on the back foot with these as I was last year.  I did a little bit of rearranging in the lounge room and moved an old table I had in the garage.  This went in the sunny spot behind my couch giving me somewhere to put the seedlings while the weather is cold outside.  It’s also out of reach of the kids!

After all that Miss One was completely over being in any way co-operative and wanted to be carried, breastfed and cuddled for the rest of the day and even then was terribly unhappy.  I tried the bath, usually a sure-fire winner, but that did little to lift her mood, so it was a very small early dinner and to bed just before 6pm.  Her normal bed time is around 8.30pm and we find that if she goes down earlier she’s then up again between 9pm and 11pm.  So far I’ve heard a couple of squeaks but she seems to have gone back to sleep, it’s anyone’s guess how long it will last for or how many times we’ll be up with her during the night.  I really feel like I’ve lost the instruction manual for her at the moment.

But while I’ve got a minute I think I will do another granny square and enjoy the Olympics on the telly.

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One Response to The Weekend Wrap – July 29, 2012

  1. You’ve had a challenging week! Our first child had oral thrush once, I remember trying to get her to take the icky purple drops to cure it. It worked, but it wasn’t pretty.

    Aren’t Saturdays in old clothes with no plans the best?

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