The Weekend Wrap – 5 August, 2012

Despite the fact that I’ve had an exceptionally busy and wonderful weekend, I’m going to attempt to keep this as short as possible – not easy given my tendency to ramble on – as I have a mountain of folding and cleaning to do in readiness for my mother-in-law arriving to look after the girls at 7.45am tomorrow.

To start with I had the most relaxing and glorious day with my sister on Saturday.  She had promised me a special day together as a birthday gift and she surpassed my expectations by a long way.  We started with a traditional (for us) crepe breakfast at a TINY little cafe off Flinders St in the city.  We love this place, but if we are in the city with a pram it is just not possible.  So I was thrilled to take this opportunity.  It has a special connection for us as this is where I told my (only) sister I was expecting my first baby three and a half years ago, making her an aunt for the first time.

After breakfast we headed for a secret location which turned out to be a day spa, where she treated me – and herself – to a foot spa, massage, facial and pedicure.  So, so relaxing, I would have been happy for that massage to go on all day, there were lots of knots and sore spots.  I am now sporting vivid red toes, much to Miss Three’s delight – but she did tell me I should have picked pink.  Next on the agenda was a tapas lunch at Movida Next Door, probably my favourite restaurant in the city (excluding those very special, very expensive ones like The Press Club).  Their tapas selection is always interesting and delicious.  On this occasion we chose wild mushroom croquettes (these are a must!), eggplant chips, yabbies, grilled prawns with a saffron sauce and a cauliflower cream with pomegranate, all teamed with a crisp Rose wine.  We opted for a little shopping in the late afternoon, not trawling clothes shops or browsing through department stores, instead it was Morris and Sons wool shop – she had some projects requiring more wool and also needed a bit of advice on another couple of projects, the staff are wonderfully helpful!  And Reader’s Feast bookshop, if you’re ever in the city you MUST check this place out, it’s worth a whole afternoon on it’s own really, especially the children’s book section.  This time we’d left it a bit late and only had ten minutes before they closed, just enough time for my sister to pick up three books!  To finish with a enjoyed a glass of mulled wine, warm and spicy, with a bowl of hot chips in a City Square cafe called the Caboose Canteen.  I’ve put this on my list to try with Mr Good one day as it serves a good looking steak, his personal favourite!  As my sister said, I had to turn into a pumpkin at some point, so at 6pm it was time to return to reality and catch the train home.

As Mr Good had taken care of the girls all day on Saturday, I gave him Sunday off and took Miss One and Miss Three to lunch in Ballarat with the rest of my family.  In hindsight this was a bit of a mistake as Miss Three developed a nasty cold, croaky voice and terrible conjunctivitis.  By the time we got home she was quite unwell with a high temperature on top of everything else.  She was medicated for all of that and went to bed early.  The rest of us, however, had a lovely lunch in good company and with Miss One entertaining us all with her very cute version of peek-a-boo and somehow managing to coerce my siblings into holding her hands as she proudly walked around the restaurant many times.  The car ride home for the three of us was very wet and very quiet, they both slept the whole way.  I’m paying for that long, late sleep for Miss One was she is still up playing around and doesn’t look at all like she’s ready for bed despite it being nearly 9pm.

Okay so note quite a short as I was going for, but that’s what my weekend was like, very special!

On a completely different note, has anyone else noticed how completely ‘gold’ focused all this Olympics stuff is.  When did getting a silver medal suddenly become losing and devastating?  No wonder kids are so darn competitive if this is the message they are being given.  I think the fact that a country with our population has managed 20 medals so far is an amazing achievement!  Having said all that, I’ve been loving watching the Olympics, especially since the track and field started.

And a final little aside, check out this very well written, but somewhat scary article.  A very good reason to make sure we don’t end up with a Federal parliament of a similar make-up!

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6 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 5 August, 2012

  1. Liz says:

    Saturday sounds lovely. Agree re the Olympics still enjoying although I’m a bit glad the swimmin’g has finished and I don’t have to get up as early now…

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh me too, a bit over the swimming by the end, and I LOVE the athletics! Sleep is too precious (and rare at the moment) for me to get up on purpose to watch the finals, though I have been up anyway several nights when interesting things are happening at the games. Think I’d rather be in bed, but perhaps Miss One is just really into sport and will suddenly start sleeping through after the Olympics (well I can hope anyway).

  2. What a wonderful day out. As for the Olympics, I haven’t watched any of it. I agree with the focus on the gold medals, but I’m tired of the negative stuff surrounding it. For example the complaining about a woman who didn’t have her hair done. Really? I loved the basketball, until they started allowing pros to compete what’s with that?

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ve watched lots of it, though we had a similar ridiculous situation with one of female swimmers who the media decided didn’t look fit enough! She’s made the olympic team for goodness sake! And she made the finals and came fifth in her fourth olympics at that! I agree with the professionals, especially with the tennis – don’t they get enough attention, money and cudos without the olympics as well?

  3. Ali says:

    Epic win, Big Sister!! You lucky duck!
    And I *just* read that article. Tedious and tired behaviour again, still. Congrats on a successful weekend and I hope your week matches it. 🙂

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