The Weekend Wrap – 12 August, 2012

As the weekend comes to a close I actually find myself looking forward to heading into work in the morning.  It’s been a long week at home with contagious kids, we were driving each other crazy by the time Friday afternoon rocked around and having Mr Good home for two days has been wonderful respite.  That and the fact the both Miss Three and Miss One seem to be pretty much back to their normal selves…. well we hope anyway.

Late in the week I did have one exciting moment with the arrival of a gorgeous parcel from Sue of Sweetpea Family.  She ran a give away a little while ago and I was very fortunate to have won it.  The parcel was full of hand made goodies, crocheted owls for the girls, coasters which are going to jazz up my coffee table no end, cute knitted bows and hair ties, some beautiful granny squares (and circles) that I will try to incorporate into something worthy of the fine work that went into them and the cutest little egg warmers.  Miss Three officially declared Sue her new favourite person and has told everyone we’ve seen since about all the treasures that came in the mail.  Sue, you are a very clever and generous lady, thank you! And the timing could not have been better.

   The girls certainly weren’t at their best the day I took these.

With the littlest one still contagious on Saturday it was only Miss One who went to swimming, meaning that it took half the time and I got to stay home for a change.  Next on the agenda was a trip to the Collingwood Children’s Farm for the farmer’s market.  This was the biggest market I’ve seen for a while, lots of stalls and lots of meat which is a great thing to see.  I’ve made the decision to buy my meat at the markets as much as possible, of course I didn’t think to bring any extra money than I usually take so it was only steak (Mr Good’s request) this week.  Oh, actually there was also bacon…. of course!  The other items in the basket were blood oranges, pink lady apples, mandarins, dried apricots, parsnips and bok choy.  My lovely sister came too and she went crazy at the passion pasta stall.  She had mentioned on the way there that she wanted some chicken and while she went to the atm Miss Three and I had a wander around the stalls.  I noticed the Milawa Chicken stall had almost sold out so I promptly went and bought her a size 17 chicken.  When she got back I proudly showed her my purchase thinking she’d be pleased with my initiative especially as we missed out last week.  Unfortunately she was thinking of a couple of chicken pieces not a whole (big) chicken.  Oh well, her partner will appreciate the roast he is now getting, I hope he likes left overs because it’s an awfully big bird for two people.  A trip to the Collingwood Children’s Farm is never complete without a wander around the animals, checking out the gorgeous four day old calf, perusing the various chicken breeds (I’ve picked out the ones I’ll have one day) and having a spy at the veggie garden – and rescuing a family who had inadvertently been locked into a section of the garden.

There was a fairly traumatic event that also occurred on Saturday, my hard drive crashed!  Even with Mr Good being a professional IT guy and really knowing his stuff there was no rescuing it.  Two years worth of photos gone!  Thank god I just had over 300 of the printed and I should be able to retrieve the files for those ones, that and the ones I have on here and email or facebook.  We’ve always been good at backing things up, but have let that slip in the last little while.  Needless to say Mr Good promptly set up a system that automatically backs up my files from now on and other than the photos there was nothing important on the hard drive – no work documents thankfully.  But being an IT expert he had me back up and running with a new hard drive within a couple of hours, so at least I still have a computer to use for writing my blog and so on.

Sunday was very quiet, up early with Miss Three (who has developed the habit of sneaking into our bed at about 5am.  I say sneak but she’s like an elephant clambering under the doona, this morning I copped a kick to the face, a lovely way to wake up!) giving Mr Good a sleep in.  She’s been very involved in playing mothers and babies lately so she set to work feeding and settle her troop as I cleaned up after breakfast.  I must say she’s very organised and is an efficient multi-tasker – a must when you have triplets!  The cutest part is when Miss One tries to join in too.  The two of them have been playing together so beautifully lately.

I caught up with a good friend for coffee at Foxy Browns later in the morning.  I opted for a second breakfast of scrambled eggs given that the first breakfast felt like an age ago.  We stayed for a long time chatting and catching up.  For someone who lives very close to me we hadn’t seen each other for a while  (for us anyway) so it was really good to touch base.

She had also just completed a bread baking class at Essential Ingredient and shared some of the very impressive sourdough with me.  We had it for dinner tonight topped with sauteed silverbeet, blanched broccoli and poached eggs (yes, I know two meals in one day consisting of eggs, what can I say I love breakfast!).  I’ve never successfully poached an egg before but I saw Jamie Oliver do it on TV the other night and was inspired.  His method involved lining a tea cup with cling film, adding a glug of olive oil, salt and pepper and a few leaves of herbs (he used tarragon, I only had parsley).  Top with the egg cracked carefully into the cup, draw up the sides of the cling film, twist and tie into a knot.  The add the little parcels to gently simmering water for four and half or five minutes.  It worked a treat, though frustratingly I overcooked my own eggs, while everyone else got perfect ones!  I did learn after the first attempt that you need to be generous with the cling film to be able to tie a decent knot.

So other than a bit of housework (even Mr Good and Miss Three got in on the act, Miss One was more into making the mess than cleaning it up), that was my weekend.  Anyone else get up to something interesting?


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4 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 12 August, 2012

  1. Sue says:

    I loved your post and so pleased your special little ones are on the mend. It was lovely to see the girls wearing my knitted bows and I’m so glad it went down so well. Sue x

  2. Liz says:

    You know I’m going to have nightmares about crashing hard drives now don’t you?

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