Weekend Wrap – 9 August, 2012

Boy it’s been a busy and trying week.  Between the windy weather and the resulting craziness from the small ones and an exhausting night of parent teacher interviews (which I might add I saw from a slightly different perspective now that I’m a parent myself) I felt like I needed a week’s worth of sleep just to feel myself again.  Thankfully the weekend came around and I was able to catch up a bit before the next week starts.

To start with I spent Friday evening with some fantastic girlfriends, some which I hadn’t caught up with for an age.  My very good (sausage-making) friend was the cook for the evening and she dished up a spectacular Jamie Oliver 30 Minute meal of lamb racks, cous cous, and several side dishes served with a pomegranate drink.  Dessert was a deconstructed cherry ripe ice cream sundae.


Saturday morning I convinced the whole family to come to the Farmer’s market at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.  Not a hard sell for the girls, but not exactly at the top of Mr Good’s weekend to-do list.  The rain started to fall on the way there, not a good start.  Then Mr Good, who hadn’t worn the baby carrier for a LONG time, spent an eternity trying to sort the thing out (Men!).  In the end all was good, the rain stopped mostly, and Mr Good had fun taking the girls around the animals while I whipped around the stalls.  Best buys this week were a couple of terrific Belted Galloway rump steaks (each one big enough for the four of us to share for dinner), one was BBQ’d by Mr Good for tonight’s tea, and the first asparagus of the season – I’ve been longing for this one.




Love these chickens, they look like ladies with their skirts hitched up when they run.

Saturday evening was a pizza dinner with the family plus my brother and sister-in-law who had just returned from Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia – the photos were amazing and had me dreaming of some exotic getaway until Miss One woke me up at 1am… and 3am… and 4am, then I was just dreaming of a full night sleep.

Today I did something I very rarely do, went shopping for me.  Generally I’m not a shopper, I don’t ‘go shopping’ for fun very often, but I was so sick of wearing clothes that just don’t fit, they are being held up and drawn in by belts and look ridiculously big.  My wardrobe had become so limited that I barely had enough to get through the week and it would just take one ill-timed wee from Miss One or overly-enthusiastic vegemite hands from Miss Three and I’d be scratching around in the clothes basket looking for something only moderately unclean that could be worn again without too much embarrassment.  Anyway, I did manage to find a few extra times to add to the rotation and it was nice to have a few things that don’t make me look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.

Oh and this morning I went to the optometrist to finish an eye test I started on Wednesday  (the windy day!) with children in tow, it was a disaster and my results were ‘compromised’ so I had to go back.  In the end it turns out I need glasses for the first time – explains a few things.  Picking frames is tricky business….

I’d like to think I’ll look like this

but I suspect I might end up looking more like this.

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8 Responses to Weekend Wrap – 9 August, 2012

  1. Ali says:

    Hey, she got Wandin Valley thought some trying moments, Barb!


  2. Don’t you think that the models in those ads actually look slightly ridiculous in the glasses? It’s like they put frames on them that are ever slightly too big so they stand out.
    I’m sure you’ll look great – I hope you had enough ‘calm’ time to make a choice with no pressure.

    • Barbara Good says:

      You know L, I thought exactly the same thing. And having a narrow face (especially at the moment) picking frames that weren’t too big or heavy was difficult. I was on a time limit when picking them so it was a quick decision. Let’s hope I still like them when I pick them up!

  3. Liz says:

    I have been avoiding having an eye test because I like to think I’m prefect but I have a sneaking suspicion my vision no longer is. I should be mature and go but the frame thing does scare me more than a little.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Liz, I too was kidding myself that my eye sight was 20/20 until my sister caught me holding a brochure for something at arms length trying to read it. That and I’ve had headaches and sore eyes every night…. hmmmm it seems pretty obvious now doesn’t it.

  4. I think we all wish we looked like that, I know you won’t look like the second picture 🙂

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