The Weekend Wrap – 23 September, 2012



There was a lot that made us all smile this weekend.  To start with we had two beautiful sunny days (though this morning did start a little cloudy and threatening rain) and of course it’s the start of the school holidays and I have two weeks of work-free days stretching out before me – that feeling never fails to make me smile.

Miss One enjoyed plenty of time in the swing, her favourite past time.

I potted up lots of seedlings, that little table pictured is now chock pull of pots and seed trays.

The garden is putting on something of a spring display with nasturtiums, freesias and tulips among others.

My lemon/lime tree is bursting with flowers and tiny fruit on both sides.  I will have to thin them out a bit I think.

The broad beans are starting to grow actual beans, and going by the number of flowers on them it could be a bumper crop.

The first strawberry has appeared, tiny and very green (must get the net out again soon).

The blueberry bush is positively covered with flowers, a promising sign.

We enjoyed a picnic on the lawn (half mown as the mower conked out before Mr Good finished).

And a second birthday party and the playgroup and little train in Eltham.

Not pictured….

a third birthday featuring a fairy and a pixie (something I thought Miss Three would adore, but she was very unsure and clung to my leg for the first half before finally warming up to them).

Several hours in the garden, both with company and without.

A bit of freecycle Christmas shopping for Miss One, finding the sweetest little cane pram for her dolls.  It needs a few repairs and I thought I would try to make a little mattress and blanket for it.

And lots, and lots and lots washing done and dried in the sunshine (pity it’s not also folded and put away).

They were busy, fun days and as days such as these inevitably lead to, there were also tears and meltdowns as weariness took over.  But even that has an upside, Miss Three has been in bed asleep before seven both nights and Miss One had one of her very rare long afternoon naps today.

Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable.



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6 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 23 September, 2012

  1. Oh I remember the days when I could exhaust my little ones like that. Enjoy the quiet. You really had a busy weekend. I’ve been in mostly as it’s been pouring now for 2 days and counting

  2. Great photos.its good to see spring starting somewhere just as summer is ending here.

  3. Liz says:

    Your crops are ahead of mine – I’m still at the flower stage (and not even that on all the citrus – I do starve them of sun a bit though. I love that little train in Eltham – perfect place for a party.

    • Barbara Good says:

      My broad beans and citrus tree gets lovely full morning sun but are in shade in the afternoon. I actually think that works quite well usually. I think full sun all day can sometimes be too harsh, especially in the middle of summer.

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