The Weekend Wrap – 30 September, 2012

This weekend is pretty special if you’re from an AFL state and especially if you’re a Melbournian.  The footy grand final changes the whole feel of this city on this particular weekend.  In most years I would be right up there with any other footy fan, taking in the atmosphere, following the pre-game discussions and watching the big event with lots of other footy fans, regardless of whether my team is in it or not.  This year I have not really followed the competition at all, lack of time and a big list of other priorities have meant that the footy just hasn’t appeared on my radar besides a couple of games watched here and there.  In fact I was so oblivious to the progress of the footy season that I organised a girls weekend with friends for this weekend, leaving Mr Good to step up as primary care-giver for three days on this most sacred of weekends.  Oh well, he coped, the girls had a great time and I had a much needed break with some fabulous high school friends.

We went to Anglesea, rented a cute, eclectically decorated little holiday cottage and enjoyed a low-key, peaceful and blessedly child free few days.  In fact it was a little indulgent, while we ‘watched’ the footy grand final we hired a massage therapist to relieve those tight shoulders and aching backs, possibly making in the best grand final watching experience I’ve had (certainly beats 2010 when I saw my team play a draw and have to come back again the next week to get thumped!).

The rest of the time was spent enjoying some good food, both at home and out, some great wine and some wild conversation!  There was a suggestion that this week’s top five might be something like five best talking points for a girls weekend, but I don’t think this blog has a high enough rating to cope with that.  What can I say, we were channeling our twenties and there was no need to sensor ourselves for children or partners.  It was a good weekend for staying in and keeping warm as winter reared it’s head once again, perhaps the only downside to our trip to the beach.  Of course the only time the sun appeared was as we were leaving today.  But in the end the weather didn’t bother us in the least.  For me it just made it that bit more justifiable to stay in bed late, relishing the space and uninterrupted sleep or enjoying a good book.

This was the first time in quite a while that I’ve had a night away from Miss Three and the first time I’ve ever left Miss One and given that I still breastfeed a few times a day it was a bit worrying leaving her.  I knew she would be fine, I’ve gone 24 hours before and she’s not so dependent on breastfeeding that missing a few feeds bothers her, I was more worried that it would spell the end of the breastfeeding relationship for us.  I needn’t have been concerned!  Not only did she sleep very well while I was gone (though she did get up for the day at 5am today, not what Mr Good was hoping for), but she greeted me with a big, cuddly feed when I got home.  And as a bit of a break-through, Miss Three didn’t come into bed with Mr Good as she usually does between 5-6am, instead she slept both days until 7.30am.  Let’s hope that continues!

In all it was perhaps a really good experience for everyone, and for me I was especially grateful to get away from the city and the black cloud that I’ve felt hanging over the northern suburbs, and probably most of Melbourne, this last week.  It’s horrible when something truly awful happens close to home and I’ve felt particularly shaken by the events in Brunswick and the tragic results for a woman very much like myself just a couple of years ago.  I can’t imagine what her family must be going through, but I know that it has touched so many people in this area more than any other event I know of.

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4 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 30 September, 2012

  1. I would have given my right arm for a weekend away even once when my boys were growing up. 🙂 What a wonderful weekend, sorry winter returned, but glad it didn’t dampen any moods.

  2. becky3086 says:

    I never got a girls night out weekend but then I don’t have any girls to go with here anyway. I would rather have a weekend away with Phil 🙂

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