The Weekend Wrap – October 7, 2012

This weekend spells the end of my two week break from work and I wish I could say I feel revived and ready to head back into the classroom.  I have enjoyed the break, especially the relaxed mornings we’ve had each day without the mad rush of childcare drop offs and early starts at work.  That all ends tomorrow, for me at least, but as Monday’s are the day my lovely and extremely generous mother-in-law comes to look after the girls, they get to enjoy another quiet morning.

I remember not so long ago the school holidays stretched out before me every ten to twelve weeks and I had no one but myself to please.  Talk about luxury!  Of course I always managed to load myself up with a fair bit of school work, but other than that these days were spent going to the movies, reading, cooking, visiting friends and travelling.  Now when the school holidays roll around I swap one job for another really, though I still get four days in there where the girls go to child care.  So what did I do with my four days…. I got just about everything on my list checked off, reading, gardening, a bit of shopping, a day with my sister and a little cooking (but not much of the latter).  Sadly I found that two of those days ended up devoted to school work (and washing because of course the weather on those days was glorious, if a little windy) and I still didn’t get it all done.

And how did I spend this last weekend, I managed a farmer’s market for the first time in weeks.  This time it was the Bundoora Park Farmer’s Market, which is actually within walking distance of me, but as I took the small ones we drove.  We made this family affair, taking everyone including the dog who loved the outing and found a friendly fellow schnauzer.  I restocked the spreads buying peanut butter (which I thought I might make this with), strawberry jam – a bit on the runny side – and honey.  I also got some basics in the way of vegetables, potatoes, carrots and garlic, plus some mushrooms.  Mr Good picked up a slamai (pizza this week I think) and some lamb chops for a BBQ dinner which we enjoyed tonight.  But the best buy were two Rouge de Marmande tomato seedlings in case all of mine fail, which is looking all the more likely.  However, I was a little disappointed overall with this market compared to most, there was very little meat on offer and no chicken at all.  The fruit was very sparce with just mandarins (of course Miss Three is off mandarins by this time of year) and a few apples.  It was still a nice way to spend the morning and the local Rotary Club that run it all seem incredibly friendly especially with the children.

This market is also very close to Bundoora Park Playspace, a fabulous, enclosed all-abilities playground which I had promised we would visit – before I knew it was going to rain.   After the shopping had been completed and a sausage in bread enjoyed, Miss Three, Trixi (the dog) and I headed over to the park, while Mr Good and Miss One drove around to meet us.  Fortunately (as it turned out) Miss Three spotted one of several simple playgrounds before you get to the main one, which made the walk much shorter and meant we didn’t have to tie the dog up outside the park.  The girls both love the playground, but boy it can be boring for an adult…. and frustrating as they always want to play on the equipment that is too big for them so I’m constantly helping them climb or lifting them up onto something.  Thankfully Mr Good is better at doing the playground thing than I am!

And finally my last day of holiday, today, was spent working again.  I forgot how long corrections can take and as I had three classes worth of tests and a stack of assignments I had my work cut out for me.  I’m still not done, but the ratio is at least in my favour now and I should be able to knock of the last bits after school tomorrow.  I managed a few hours work in peace while Mr Good took the girls out, but the rest of the time it was going between work and entertaining small ones.  I did get Miss Three to put stickers on the best work, so my Year 10s will be wondering what on earth has come over me (but will secretly love it!) I gave up on the work eventually and while Mr Good was working the BBQ, Miss Three, Miss One and I cleaned up the vegetable gardens, pulling out the last of the broccoli and picking the few side shoots on there, as well as pulling the peas despite them finally doing something – I need the space for other things so they had to go.

Now to enjoy the last of Call the Midwife and get some knitting in before an early night.  Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and for my tomato seedlings sake I hope it warms up soon!

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6 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – October 7, 2012

  1. I am so bummed that our farmer’s market has closed for the season, now is when the apples are ready to eat along with the squashes and so much more.

    • Barbara Good says:

      We’re very lucky to have the markets run all year round here, though the variety at times is a bit limited. Now that we’re between seasons I’ve found not as much around especially in the way of fruit.

  2. That’s a shame the market was disappointing. We go to the Wayville Farmers Market in SA and it fabulous. The best veggies I can find and packed with a lot of stalls.
    I hope you return to work is good. Holidays are never long enough.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I should explain, the market wasn’t BAD, there was some very impressive stalls and several ones new to me, it just wasn’t as good as others I’ve been to. I do like supporting this one though as its in my neighbourhood and supports the local rotary club so I like that side of it.

  3. Liz says:

    I don’t mind that farmers market – but mainly for the easy access to playground rather than the market itself. Although I have to say I’ve bought both meat and chicken there before so perhaps it was an off month. Last time I went there were at least 2 red meat providores, a salami man, the sausage people, a smoked fish guy as well as a poultry stall and actually my issue was not enough fruit & veg. Haven’t been for a while though.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I agree, this was a one off. I’ve been before too and it had all those things you mentioned. It was a bit sparse on the fruit side of things, is that a time of year thing? There were several veggie sellers and they had a good range of produce. I bought some little dutch carrots for Miss One, she absolutely loves these. I should try growing them!

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