Harvest Monday – 15 October, 2012

This one is a double whammy taking in this week and last week, which I missed because the internet went down for a day.  In these last two weeks I’ve had quite a lot to harvest, some things coming to an end while others have just started.


In these two baskets we have:

4 cabbages – two of them were perfect but the other two looked like that were about to form flowers or something like that, as the insides had started to change and the cores were quite woody.  This is my second attempt at growing cabbages (the first time none formed heads at all) and in total I picked about six or seven.  Next time though I need to make sure I pick them a bit earlier.  These four have gone into some minestrone, a couple of stirfries (I really love cabbage cooked quickly in the wok), salad and some okonomiyaki which we had tonight.  I still have one left in the fridge.

A handful of pea pods, the last of the peas before I pulled the plants out.  There were still some forming on the plants and some flowers, but I needed the space and they weren’t produce enough to hold onto their position.  Most of the plants had died a while ago.  These peas were added to napoli sauce with some broccoli side shoots and served over some spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

Underneath the cabbages in the right hand photo was quite a big bunch of broccoli side shoots which were stripped off the plants when I pulled the last of them out of the garden.  These ones went into a broccoli and pancetta carbonara and I still have a few in the fridge which I’ll need to use up soon.

The last three turnips from the bed I have growing all the root vegetables in.  One was perfect sized being just smaller than a golf ball, the other two were quite tiny, but were about to flower so it was time to come out.  Normally I would have let one go all the way to seed and then collect them (or more my style, let them reseed themselves randomly), but I want the bed for something else so the lot got pulled and were roasted up with other vegetables and a spring leg of lamb.

Five radishes of varying sizes, again the last from that bed and several about to flower.  I’ve been enjoying them very thinly sliced in salads, especially before the rest of the salad crops are ready.  Thankfully they grow quite quickly so I’ll plant some more to have in summer salads.

The first of the broad beans.  This lot was enough to go into a spring vegetable pasta with asparagus, broccoli, peas and parsley – all from the garden except the asparagus.  I have lots more coming on so they should be a staple in the basket over the next few weeks or more.

Not pictured was about five snow peas tossed into a stir fry.

And finally one HUGE box of silverbeet and parsley – the two beasts are taking over my garden – that I donated to a friend’s rabbits (one rabbit was equally HUGE).  Even after filling the box to the absolute brim and beyond I still have more greens that we could possibly get through, I need to donate some more I think.

And that’s my week (or two) in the garden.  See here for what others are picking.


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7 Responses to Harvest Monday – 15 October, 2012

  1. becky3086 says:

    Sounds good. I have trouble with my cabbages as well but this last year I actually got a few small ones. Maybe this spring the ones I just planted will do well. There’s always hope in gardening 🙂

  2. Norma Chang says:

    Agree with Becky, there is always hope in gardening.

  3. Patsy says:

    Nice cabbages! I have noticed that home-grown cabbage is much more tender and cooks more quickly than what is sold in the grocery store. They are worth the growing!

  4. kitsapFG says:

    Lovely harvests. I have a few heads of fall cabbages ready that I should be harvesting soon. They can rush to seed when summer planted, but even though I lose one or two, I usually get some really nice heads in the fall that makes it worth the while. Your two perfect ones look indeed beautiful.

  5. What great harvests you’ve had over the past couple of weeks! Your cabbages look wonderful to me! I am still trying to master the process of growing them 😉

  6. maryhysong says:

    Lovely harvest! Isn’t chard just the best? I still have some from spring planting, with no signs of slowing down!

  7. This was the first time I tried to grow cabbages, they all did well, after I took care to shove the worms that were eating them off with lime. While I have grown a few things over the years, this year I’ve tried new things as well and can’t believe the difference in taste compared to what you buy in the store. Next year I have plans for much more variety and a purchase of a freezer to store my harvest in to avoid the need for the store.

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