The Weekend Wrap – 21st October, 2012

At about 4pm this afternoon Mr Good asked me if I was grumpy….. yes, yes I was.  It had got to that point in the weekend and I hadn’t had one waking minute of peace.  I had been climbed on, clung onto, pulled at and demanded of for the entire weekend.  As a parent, non-working days are not really days off so I do expect the weekends to be like this for the most part, but with two parents at home for the two days it is nice, and very needed to just have a little time here and there to do something I want to do on my own.  You know, a little reading, a bit of gardening or the luxury of a solo trip to the farmer’s market.  Mr Good got the message, took the girls to the park and gave me an hour!  I worked in the garden for that time, and then we got dinner ready together – which was just throwing a salad together, the rest I had already cooked.  And after that hour and a pleasant, but simple family dinner the balance had been restored.

This busy weekend started with a Friday night where just the girls and I were home for the evening.  The days always seem so much longer and without relief when it’s just me, no break from the demands of children in the evenings as I usually get with Mr Good’s return for the day.  Having said that, when I’m prepared for it I usually make it work quite well, as long as we go out for at least part of that day.  When it doesn’t work for me is those days that I get a late afternoon phone call from Mr Good telling me he has to work late and won’t be home for hours.  It brings up feelings of dread (and resentment) knowing that it’s the trickiest time of day and I still have to do the whole dinner, bath and bed routine for both on my own.  In this case I was given plenty of notice, made a morning trip to the library, pulled out something from the freezer for dinner and then spent a lovely warm, sunny afternoon in the garden, playing with the girls.  We ate early, got the kids bathed quickly and then sat down to watch a Thomas the Tank Engine movie together before bedtime.  It all worked, except for the fact that Miss Three was up and down until after 9.30pm, her current little (very annoying) habit.  When I finally got the lounge room to myself I pulled out some knitting and watched The Help.  I haven’t watched a movie, let alone a girly movie, for goodness knows how long.  It was a great movie, not quite as good as the book which I absolutely loved, but great nonetheless.

Saturday started early, VERY early which turned out to be a good thing because for once Miss Three and I were able to get ourselves ready and to the farmer’s market much earlier than usual.  It’s a funny time of year at the markets, very much in between seasons, so we’re getting the tail end of some crops and the very start of others, and lots of gaps in between – especially in the fruit department).  The very first of the strawberries and a bunch of asparagus were the first to go into the basket.  Followed by some mushrooms and baby carrots.  For something different I bought a large girello roast beef from a farm in the Otways.  According to the farmer it’s a very versatile cut of meat that can be roasted (quickly and on full whack as Jamie Oliver would say), sliced for stir fry or cut into steaks and barbecued.  The piece I got is big enough for me to try all three methods, that is assuming I go with the more plants less meat on the plate theory.  I also picked up two extra tomato seedlings as insurance if mine fail (I’ve decided to plant them all next weekend and see how they go)  And for a bit of a treat, Miss Three and I enjoyed a couple of doughnuts from the Movida Bakery stall, I had the salted caramel and she had the boysenberry jam one… YUM!  Oh and I didn’t lose her this weekend!  We met a friend there, it is so much easier with two sets of eyes I’ve discovered.

After running a few other errands and doing a thankfully rare supermarket shop it was time to head into Docklands to meet friends visiting from overseas.  As these things go, the girls only lasted a couple of hours before getting bored so we headed home again.  We stopped on the way at a little, but very busy Vietnamese restaurant in Preston.  This has become a bit of a habit.  They do fabulous pho (traditional noodle soup), spring rolls and rice paper rolls and various other Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.  It’s quick, cheap and great for kids so it suits us perfectly.  Plus Mr Good and I can relive our favourite holiday from the days where spending a month traipsing through an exotic destination was an actual possibility.

Today, with another early start, the house was desperately calling out for some attention.  There comes a point where you just have to listen to that call and get stuck into it, as much as I’d rather be reading or gardening, or spending time doing just about anything else.  Mr Good was off mowing his brother’s lawn (he’s currently living in Tassie), so I had the joy of doing the housework with two little ones under my feet.  They did convince me to stop for a while and play with the playdough, I love the tactile nature of this activity and so does Miss One and Miss Three.  Miss One still like to eat it every now and again, but she’s getting better.  I also got inspired to get back into some baking with an easy and tasty whole orange cake.  I used farmer’s market eggs and the cake came out really yellow and gorgeous.  This has to be the easiest cake I know of, and it’s so forgiving too.  I was one egg short, granted the ones I had were big but it still turned out fine, just a tiny bit crumbly.  I also made a bacon, leek and asparagus frittata for dinner which we had with the salad.  We entertained visitors this afternoon, with cake and a tour of the garden.  For some reason everyone is always quite surprised with what and how much I have growing in our small yard… and I kind of love showing it off.  It doesn’t look that impressive at the moment because there are big gaps waiting for the tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants and other summer crops to go in, but when I actually go through what is growing it seems like quite a lot.

That brought us up to 4pm and Mr Good’s observation of my grumpiness.  It was a nice weekend, but perhaps a little more down time was needed.  Oh well, perhaps next time.  What was happening in your neck of the woods this weekend?


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One Response to The Weekend Wrap – 21st October, 2012

  1. Liz says:

    Down time – valuable isn’t it! Miss 6 is great and does play by herself upon request but Mr almost 3 is full on meaning it can be in short supply. I guess it wont be too long before I’ll be practically begging them to spend time with me though.

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