Tuesday’s Top Five – Best things about daylight savings

This year the start of daylight savings coincided with the return to school for Term 4.  As it turned out this was not a great thing for me, our alarm failed to go off two mornings in a row and our usual early morning wake up call from Miss Three was an hour late too.  This made for some very chaotic mornings as we rushed to get ready for work and childcare.  Despite this I am a fan of daylight savings and here are some of the reasons why….

1. Enough light to work in the garden in the evenings
Of course my number one reason would have to be a gardening related one.  Having that time to potter, plant, weed and harvest after work, and even after dinner and with the girls tucked up in bed as we get further into it, is the perfect, calm and relaxing way to wind down after a day of putting other people’s needs and wants ahead of my own.  It’s good timing too, because there is always work to do in the garden at this time of year, especially watering.  The one problem I do encounter is mozzies, so if I don’t remember the Aeroguard (repellent) I pay for it later.

2. Late afternoon/evening outdoor play with Miss Three and Miss One
This time of year is perfect for outdoor play at any time of the day as long as it’s not raining.  The wind does get a bit annoying at times, but in general it’s not too cold, the sun isn’t insanely harsh like it can get during summer and we get generally very pleasant sunny days (though this year isn’t such a great example of that).  Even so having an extra play outside while dinner is being cooked or even after dinner if I get it on the table early is a great way to finish the day, and exhausts the girls just that little bit more so they sleep well.  The two of them play so much better together when they’re outside for some reason.  They don’t fight over the same toys (except for the swing) and they spend most of the time laughing at each other or chatting quietly while building some in the sand pit.


3. Al fresco dining
We haven’t yet gotten into this – I did consider it tonight but it was still a touch chilly and quite windy – but last year we ate outside at least a couple of times a week from December onwards.  Of course if you’re going to eat outside you might as well cook outside too, so we have lots of barbecues or home made pizzas done on a stone in the barbecue.  The dog especially likes this one as she gets a few extra treats as we eat.  I suspect she will be sitting close to Miss One ready to snap up any stray bits that fall (or are thrown) off her plate.

This was last year, we were eating around Miss Three’s little table. Not sure there be room with four of us, might have clear the gardening things off the big table.

4. Evening walks for the dog
As guilty as it makes me we’re not always the best at walking the dog regularly over the winter months.  We are always outside a lot with her and I throw the ball for her while I push the swing or work in the garden and she loves running around with the girls, but we have a small yard and she really needs more than that.  I used to walk her everyday with Miss Three in the pram, but with the two girls, and Miss Three walking I find it much more difficult to take both of them AND the dog.  Mr Good walks her in the dark sometimes, but if he’s working late or if the weather is terrible then the walk just doesn’t happen.  Daylight savings makes that so much easier and eases my guilt enormously.

5. Time for a run
I tried to keep up the running once daylight savings ended earlier in the year, but there just was not enough time and I often found myself still out with the light fading fast.  I don’t feel comfortable running on my own (with no phone etc) in the dark so eventually I gave it up.  Now that we’re back into daylight savings I have started up again.  I’m not yet as regular as I was, and my fitness has certainly slipped a bit in the last months, but hopefully it won’t take too long before I’m back to my best and training for a fun run.

I was hoping to be able to write about having as extra hour in the mornings before Miss Three came creeping in to wake us up, but she was back to her usual 6am within five days after the start of daylight savings.  Nevertheless, I do love this time of year for the extra hour of daylight just when I can use it.  What are your thoughts on the matter, are you a fan or foe?

Liz didn’t have her list up yet, but it’s sure to be a good one so pop over later and have a look.

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6 Responses to Tuesday’s Top Five – Best things about daylight savings

  1. Not good for us in the UK when we put our clock forward an hour at the weekend!

  2. All those and more are my reasons too. I just love the longer hours of daylight for all things. Unfortunately, we are into shorter days here now.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I just find that extra hour at the end of the day rather than the start so much more useful. And the extra vitamin D is great as a mood booster too. The short days are definitely not good.

  3. Nooooo. Just when the days start to get long enough to get out for a good session in the garden in the morning before work, they steal an hour of that time and put it after work, when I’m not feeling fresh and creative at all! The heat of the day, when it’s too hot and too sunburny to be out starts at 9 am. Just when I get determined about my resolution to do something physically active every day, that nice hour for a morning walk over to get some azolla disappears! Try to get to bed early enough to beat it, but I don’t want to come in to start cooking till it gets dark outside, and that’s now so late we are often eating at 8 pm. The animals have no clocks. The geese reckon feeding time is an hour later. Don’t think it’s at all fair that the nightowls who can’t get their head around going to bed at 8 pm and waking up at 5 am get to change all our clocks so as to trick themselves. Do you get the impression I don’t like daylight saving?

    • Barbara Good says:

      So not a fan then Linda? A long time ago when I had time and no kids I used to a very early morning exercise class and I remember having to get up in the dark once daylight savings started then, so I get that frustration. But for me though that hour at the other end of the day is so much more useful. The mornings are too frantic and the girls are up and about early so there’s no peace to do anything in the garden or walk the dog etc. But at the end of the day with the kids in bed or quietly playing I can get things done that normally would have to wait til the weekend.

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