The Weekend Wrap – 28 Oct, 2012

Another weekend of being a busy little bee.  How about you?

A farmer’s market with all of the usual fabulous meat, fruit, vegetables, preserves and cheese.  Plus a trash and treasure market to peruse at leisure (well, as leisurely as you can get with a three year old in toe).  I found a collection of coloured glass bowls (5 bowls for $7) to add to my cabinet and a small pile of children’s books for the grand sum of $2.


Some Saturday afternoon cooking, cereal and ricotta, ready for the week ahead.  Now to decide whether to do the silverbeet and ricotta gnocchi from Liz’s recipe or the ricotta gnocchi with broad beans from here.

A barbecue dinner with family, Mum and Dad just back from nine weeks in Europe.  Great company, great food (especially the Pavlova for dessert, which I had two pieces of….) and the wine flowing generously.  And best yet for the first time ever BOTH girls slept so we stayed til midnight.  A pre-emptive headache tablet and a big glass of water needed before bed!

Sunday morning pancakes with honey and fresh strawberries.  I made up a batch of Nigella’s home made instant pancake mix, so I now have the dry ingredients ready for another five Sunday mornings, needing only the milk and egg added to it.  How convenient is that!

An hour in the garden alone saw me plant ten tomato seedlings (four great looking ones from the farmer’s market) and six dodgy looking ones I grew, we’ll see how they go.  Plus four eggplants.  Restoring the broad beans to their upward position after a few windy days had certainly knocked them about.  And Mr Good spent some time building a very sturdy looking frame for my purple climbing beans.  While I’m on the subject of beans, does anyone have any idea why the snails ate my most of my green bean seedlings but didn’t touch the purple ones?


Sunday afternoon tea party at my favourite local cafe with a spring racing theme complete with floral dress and hat.  Well actually the hat was only for the walk down in the sunshine, but others wore race wear hats and fascinators.  The menu was divine and left us all quite full (should have thought through what to do for dinner after such an event…)

Roast chicken dinner with the family.

Finally a mad rush around the house in an attempt to whip it into shape before the week ahead.  It really was a disaster zone of the highest degree, but I felt much better once it was all cleaned up and orderly.

Aaahhhhh exhausted.

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4 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 28 Oct, 2012

  1. I love gnocchi – I’d make both, just on different days. And those pre-emptive tablets are the best remedy. I know the feeling – exhausted after a full days work, but it feels good knowing that it is done.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yeah, I think you’re right, do both! Though I may need to make more ricotta.

      I do love the exhausted feeling you get after getting through along list of things that need doing. But there is still so much that needs doing and just no time to get it done, a feeling I hate.

  2. Liz says:

    Oh you are good! My house still looks like a tip but I’m watching TV, reading blog posts and pretending not to notice.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I do that too up to a point, then I realise all that mess and chaos is actually making me feel quite stressed and I just can’t relax until I put it right. It helps that my mother in law comes on Monday morning to look after the kids, so there’s something of an incentive to tidy!

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