Thursday Kitchen

Okay, I’ve decided I’m going to have to change the Thursday theme because I’m just not using the slow cooker for anything much new.  I’m still doing stock, soups, and pasta sauce in it, but nothing worth blogging about.  Instead I’ve been focusing on ways of using my harvests as the quantities have increased enough to feed us for most of the week – how exciting is that.  All I’m buying at the markets is potatoes, onions, lettuce (sadly and probably pathetically, I don’t have enough of that in the garden at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon), cucumber and hydroponic tomatoes.  With a bit of luck I’ll be getting all of these things from my own patch soon too.

The first meal that came from garden was a cream of celery soup, one of my favourites.  Using my own celery I found it slightly more fibrous than usual, but not enough to bother us really.  I also used some whey instead of milk as I had quite a lot left over after making ricotta recently.  Add to that some homemade chicken stock, a generous serving of cream and some seasoning and this made a very tasty and healthy (well, apart from the cream bit) dinner.  To accompany this I made some flat bread, sprinkled with salt, pepper and paprika and toasted them in the oven.

The second kitchen garden dinner was tonight’s mad after work/childcare affair.  Thankfully I was well prepared having made a roasted vegetable frittata last night and having the salad ready to go besides being dressed.  This was a good thing as Miss Three, who had been exhausted this morning, refused to eat most of the day, had skun her knee badly after a fall this afternoon, was pure misery and needed dinner and bed immediately.  I roasted the parsnips and carrots that I picked earlier in the week, as well as some potatoes and pumpkin from the market.  I also quickly steamed some asparagus.  I layered the dish with the roasted vegetables, topped it with the asparagus spears and then poured in the egg mix.  It took about 30 mins in a moderate oven to cook and then I refrigerated it until we got home this afternoon.  My girls are real egg fans so this sort of dinner usually goes down well – though Miss Three was just beyond wanting to do anything but cry and whine tonight.  I usually add some cheese, parmesan or just cheddar, which would have made this even nicer I think, but I forgot that bit at 10pm last night.

Next on the agenda is a dish with some broad beans and something with the kale.  My usual use for the kale is in stir fry which I love! but I was thinking of trying kale chips.  Do you think that would work with Russian Red Kale, I’ve only ever seen it done with curly kale.  I guess there’s only one way to find out.  I’ve also just read that kale freezes really well and actually becomes sweeter when exposed to freezing, so I’ll be sure to keep picking lots while I can.

Mr Good is now hanging out for some meat, so I think I’m going to do steak sandwiches on the weekend.  He’ll think it’s Christmas!

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One Response to Thursday Kitchen

  1. Jo says:

    I made kale chips last week using the purple kale and they were great. Nobody else likes them so I had them all to myself…:)

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