A Lull in Blogging Motivation

I’ve been a bit slack the last week and a bit on the blog front.  Mostly that was because my Mum was staying for a few days and I don’t blog if we have visitors.  But as well as that, I’ve lost a bit of my motivation to blog.  It’s that time of year where things get busy at school with exams that need writing and then marking, assessments that need finalising and reports start to take shape, usually with a mad rush of overdue work coming in right at the last moment…. but that’s a whole other gripe.  As a result I missed the Monday harvest post – I’ll recap this weeks harvests next Monday – and Tuesday’s Top Five even though I had a topic and some photos, very organised for me.  I was going to do it today, but instead I’m rabbiting on about nothing in particular.  I’ll do that list next week as well.

There must be something going around the blogosphere as I read this post on Slow Living Essentials today, which pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling.  Trying to combine the way I want to live and eat with caring for two very active toddlers, spending time in my garden, knitting and a little reading on top of working three days a week really has been difficult, more so than I anticipated.  Being over-stretched leaves me with a feeling of anxiousness, like I’m constantly on edge.  I’m so looking forward to the summer break when my slow living ambitions can once again come to the forefront.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a couple of less hectic days while Miss Three spends a few days in the country with my parents.  She was most excited about her solo holiday – as she emphatically pointed out to Miss One – especially as she went on a long train and bus ride with Nana to get there. Thankfully she was perfectly behaved for the journey.  Miss One had a big sleep in this morning so we skipped play group and spent the day at home.  This gave me the chance to get to a few jobs in the garden; pulling out the over-grown and bolting silverbeet, cutting down the broad beans and picking the last of the beans, pulling out a few ill-positioned rogue potatoes and finding spots in the garden for four more pumpkin seedlings (it could be come very jungle-like in the coming months).

It was also nice to spend some hours with just Miss One, a rare thing.  She has just gotten into books in a big way so most of the time was spent searching through the books for one that looked good, toddling over to me and making herself comfortable on my lap in anticipation of a story.  She has quite an independent personality so she like to be in the driver’s seat, turning the pages, usually many pages at a time or going the wrong way, making it a little tricky to read the story properly but that doesn’t seem to bother her.  This part of her personality comes out in other ways as well, especially when it comes to feeding herself!

As nice as it is to spend some one on one time with Miss One and as exhausting, demanding and frustrating as Miss Three can be, I am missing her a lot and so is Miss One.  The house is very quiet.  It’s a funny feeling when one of your children is away, like a piece of yourself is missing.  But I have such fond memories of holidays spent with my grandparents and I’m sure my girls will have similar memories.  So while she is away I’ll make sure I catch up on those jobs that been on the list for far too long, appreciate the time with Miss One and renew my energy and enthusiasm for the world of three year olds on her return.

And as for the blog, I’ve got a cooking one for tomorrow and then it should be back to normal next week.


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6 Responses to A Lull in Blogging Motivation

  1. Cat says:

    My Dad asked me today if you were home as he saw your mum with a little girl. Hope she enjoys her holiday!

  2. Liz says:

    I have to admit for many years I never understood people whinging about not having time to do things, but that was before I had kids, now I understand completely! Days just aren’t long enough are they?

    • Barbara Good says:

      Is whinging about not having enough time like whining about being tired (oops, I’ve probably done both of those things this year). I try not to whinge too much both online and in the rest of my life, it doesn’t really achieve much. Sorry, it was a bad week (or more accurately a camel’s back breaking week). Back to non-whinge mode now.

  3. suerawlinson says:

    You do so much you should be celebrating your success – you have such high standards. I always feel envious of how much you achieve. I think we should start giving out bloggers hugs for when we feel overwhelmed.
    I always catch up with your blog and enjoy all of your posts 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks Sue. I do have high standards at times – though thankfully not when it comes to house work – but I was also have a shocker of a week. Work has been a bit much lately and I’ve been feeling mightily compromised as both a mother and a teacher. I’m very much looking forward to the coming holidays.

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