Monday Harvest – 26 November, 2012

As I missed last week’s Monday Harvest post, this one is going to be a double one.  I’m sure I’ll forget some of what I’ve picked on the fly, but hopefully the bulk of what came in from the garden over the last fortnight.



1. Lettuce – only a small amount but enough to bulk out a salad.

2. Baby beetroot leaves also for a salad.

3. Mint and parsley for a herbed mayonnaise

4. Broad beans (above and below) – quite a large basketful last week.  This week it was a smaller amount to finish off the season.  The plants have now been pulled out.

5. Baby potatoes (above and below) – I pulled out two lots of rogue potato plants that were growing in unfortunate places and had to go.  A good thing too, these tiny spuds were delicious and a big hit with the girls.



6. Some teeny weeny garlic bulbs – I pulled these as they weren’t doing anything and I wanted the bed for other seedlings.  While the bulbs are tiny, I was surprised to get anything and these are perfectly usable when used in the garlic press.

7. Two carrots – gotta love have fully grown carrots at hand in the garden when the crisper is empty.



8. A few strawberries – we get two or three every couple of days, very quickly gobbled up by the girls and far faster than camera can snap them.


Above is my harvest dinner, served up tonight after a long day at work – I was impressed with my efforts given that I didn’t get home until 5.30pm and needed dinner on the table by 6pm for a grumpy Miss One and a surprisingly accommodating Miss Three.  Yesterday evening I roasted the last of the gurello beef I bought at a farmer’s market a while ago.  Thirty minutes at 220 degrees and it was nice and pink in the middle.  This was served sliced very thin and with a herbed mayo, using mint and parsley from the garden.  I stole Liz’s potato and broad bean dish which also used the garlic I picked last week.  And finally a beetroot salad (beetroots from the farmer’s market not the garden and slow roasted last night as well) which included the lettuce and beetroot leaves as well as some mint from the garden.  A little goat’s cheese was added and then it was dressed with walnut oil and red wine vinegar.  Not bad at all!

For other garden delights see Daphne’s blog.


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4 Responses to Monday Harvest – 26 November, 2012

  1. Liz says:

    Very nice dinner! My garlic is pretty tiny too, I’m enjoying it but I just wish it was a little (or a lot) bigger.

  2. What great hauls! And yes, that dinner looks divine! Perfectly simple!

  3. leduesorelle says:

    We have months to wait before enjoying a dinner like this — delicious!

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