The Weekend Wrap – 21 November, 2012

Talk about four seasons in one day (or perhaps two days) in Melbourne over the weekend. We had a hot and humid start after a couple of very hot days and nights, a brief but impressive thunder and lightening storm followed by some good rain (though not for as long as I was hoping) and today was a little cooler but gloriously sunny.  It was also, thankfully a quieter and more relaxed weekend than we’ve had recently.

Miss Three and I had a trip to the toy library and the farmer’s market as usual.  What made this week unusual was that instead of munching her way through just about every food type on offer (it must be her best meal of the week with all the free samples and stalls selling cakes, biscuits, icy poles etc) she only asked for a drink of water!  The best thing about the markets at this time of year has to be the fruit; nectarines, peaches, apricots, apples, strawberries and of course cherries.  Certainly enough to supply interesting and suitably sweet snacks for all of us for the week.

Saturday afternoon saw the whole family chilling out in the back yard watching a storm rolling in.  It rained lightly for quite a while before it really started and Miss Three was so excited about being allowed to play outside in the rain.  In that time I finally managed to plant out the few remaining seedlings including some corn to fill in the gaps from where my seeds didn’t germinate, two rows of lettuce, a row of pak choy and a row of leeks where the broad beans were.  I transplanted a rogue tomato which was about to be swamped by the zucchinis into where the garlic was.  I’m pretty sure this is not recommended (ie tomato following garlic in the same bed and very quick succession) however it was the only space I had.  I added some compost and blood and bone and then gave it a drink with worm wee so hopefully it will do okay.  I also had a couple of dodgy looking capsicum and chilli seedlings that I’ve poked in the spare end of the root vegetables bed which is slowly being emptied.

So for a quick run down of what’s in the garden vegetable wise here’s my list:
About 20 bean plants (3 varieties)
5 French pumpkins (courtesy of Andrea last year)
3 zucchinis
6 cucumbers (3 Lebanese and 3 Long)
Lots of potatoes (Pink Fir, Dutch Cream and King Edwards)
11 corn plants
3 eggplants (1 regular and 2 Lebanese)
2 capsicums (1 over wintered and already flowering and forming fruit)
3 Chillis
10 tomatoes (San Marzano, Principe Borgese, Armish Paste and Rogue de Marmande, plus the rogues)
Lots of lettuce (mixed varieties)
Basil, parlsey, thyme, sage, rosemary, coriander, chives, bay
Celery (flowering)
Onions and spring onions
Garlic (nearly ready to lift)

And fruit (all with fruit on them at various stages of maturity)
Jonathan apples (nothing on the Granny Smith)
Plum (though only two)
Figs (next door, but hanging over the fence)

The other garden activity Miss Three and I got up to was to plant out a fairy garden.  We put lots of flower seedlings in it including marigolds, nasturtiums, zinnias, cosmos (red and white) and of course a couple of fairies.  The garden is right outside her bedroom window so I hope it will look lovely and colourful in the coming months.  Unfortunately the soil was pretty terrible, hopefully the compost and blood and bone will help with that.  It also isn’t in full sun, but should get a few hours in the middle of the day which will hopefully be enough.  The rest of the bed is currently bare, but being under the big fig tree it is in constant shade.  I thought some impatients might work in there.  Are there any other shade tolerant flowers?


Sunday was a even more relaxed (though with some marking of Year 10 Geography exams).  The four of us plus the dog went to a nearby park this afternoon, anything to avoid the marking!  It was a gorgeous day and an outing was just what we needed.  For the first time Miss Three rode her bike, both Mr Good and I had images of carrying the bike home, but she made it there and back without problems.  As well as the ride there, she did countless laps of the basketball court on the bike, round and round the kids trying to play a game.  I was hoping that would exhaust her enough so that she would be in bed asleep early, but sadly she was up just a few minutes ago (well after 9pm) as was Miss One.  Oh well, I guess it will be two grumpy tired girls greeting me after work tomorrow… nothing new there.


The next few weekends we are busy with the start of the Christmas celebrations so it was a nicely timed quiet few days.  And with that the rest of those exams are calling me name.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

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6 Responses to The Weekend Wrap – 21 November, 2012

  1. Patsy says:

    Sounds like a busy weekend! You have quite a large garden to tend with two little ones to raise as well. You must have lots of energy!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Actually it was a fairly quiet weekend for us, we have some really busy ones coming up.

      The garden is not all that big, it’s just that it’s pretty much all vegetables now. It does keep me busy with all the watering in the summer though – I have to do it all by hand with the watering can. Quite a muscle building exercise. As for energy it comes and goes as with everyone I guess.

  2. Liz says:

    That sounds like a lot of pumpkin and zucchini, should be fun! I still need to plant more beans and corn – probably where I just pulled my garlic from. I don’t feel like I’ve planted enough beans etc, especially as germination has been eratic.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Potentially a lot of pumpking yes. I wasn’t expecting them all to germinate and I had terrible luck with both them a zukes last year so I’m trying to cover my bases. I will plant more corn soon too, trying to extend the season longer than last year. My beans have done really well so far – though I’m not picking them yet as you are. I’m hoping to be inundated with beans, 25 plants is more than double what I planted last year.

  3. Andrea says:

    Once you start writing down whats growing its amazing just the amount and variety of veg and fruit in your list, well done Barb/mother/teacher/wife/cook/gardener !!
    I too tried growing chillies and eggplants by seed but they didn’t transplant very well so I had to buy some from the nursery, thankfully they were happy once planted out and the eggplants have already flowers and some very small fruit. Nice to hear the Giant sunflowers are spreading their cheer around, I gave away all my seed at our Open Garden and forgot to keep some for myself but luckily they are popping up in odd spots around the garden where I have spread compost.
    The little fairy garden is really very sweet I can imagine you will have lots of fun leaving out fairy surprises for little Miss 3 to find………….

    • Barbara Good says:

      You’re right about that Andrea, the list surprised me too.

      Glad I’m not the only one who struggles with tomato and eggplant seeds etc. Sunflowers do seem to be a good volunteer plant, I have a few coming up in random places, but what a lovely surprise in the middle of the veggie patch to see such a glorious flower.

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