Monday Harvest – 10 December, 2012

Okay, so not that long ago I was complaining about the chilly start to summer and it was on the cooler side.  But since then we’ve had a couple of really hot days and lots of warm ones. You’d think I’d be happy now.  I have enjoyed the heat, but boy could the garden use some rain…. never content I guess.  Nevertheless the garden has been producing and as all the watering I’ve been doing has given me the opportunity to pay close attention to just how quickly some things are growing (the zucchini) and just how slow others are (the ripening of tomatoes).  And of course here is what I picked this week.

photo (8)  photo (10)

I pulled out the rest of my garlic, after the first absolutely tiny bulbs I pulled out last week and the week before, these ones were more than pleasing.  Twenty bulbs with about 10 medium sized ones, five large ones like the one pictured and another five smaller ones.  It won’t be enough to last us the year, but it will do a good few months at least.



A container full of salad greens.  It looks like some baby spinach, rocket, an oak leaf variety and then various unidentified types including a pretty green and red one.  These came from a packet of mixed salad greens that my sister got free with a magazine several years ago and forgot about.  It was a real shot in the dark to see if they would grow and boy have they grown.  Miss Three and I scattered them in a pot around a tomato seedling and as it goes with three year olds most of the seeds ended up concentrated on one side.  They were threatening to over take the tomato so I gave it a good hair cut (the lettuce not the tomato), a nice salad with dinner tomorrow night I’m guessing.


A big basket load of silverbeet.  Yet again this beast is taking over the garden, with lots going to seed, but plenty of other plants producing these gloss green leaves.  Some are destined to become a snack for a rabbit.  The rest we will eat, hidden in various dishes over the next few nights.



Three gorgeous beetroots which will be roasted.  Originally I was going to do a salad with them, but I’ve just seen a roasted vegetable pizza recipe and thought I might play with that idea.  Perhaps add some carrot and capsicum and top with ricotta and mozzarella, and maybe a pesto base.  What do you think?


And lastly, three, yes count them, three beans (sorry about the terrible photo, it was something of an after thought).  Not enough to really show case them, but will be added to something.  Hopefully the next bean harvest will be a little larger.

There were a few other things not photographed, lots of parsley, some thyme etc but nothing of much quantity.

For more harvests see Daphne’s.



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8 Responses to Monday Harvest – 10 December, 2012

  1. I didn’t get my garlic in before the ground froze in the autumn and now I’m regretting it, seeing the harvest starting on your side of the world, already.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Now frozen ground, there’s something I don’t have to contend with. Though I will admit that being forced to spend a season inside (preferably with a good book and a glass of wine… oh wait, I forgot two small children put paid to that idea a while ago) definitely appeals to me, at least in theory. In reality I’d probably go stir crazy. Hope you get your garlic in next year.

  2. Liz says:

    Lovely to be getting silver beet at the moment. All mine bolted and I have to say i’m missing it very much. I’ve never had beetroot on pizza. Personally I have to admit to prefering it cold than hot but it could work – I look forward to your thoughts.

    • Barbara Good says:

      The majority of mine (along with all the parsley) have bolted too Liz, but I’ve got this small group of plants in filtered light (ie just under the pergola with a tinted laserlight roof) that has really put on a lot of green leafy growth. I’ll keep picking that while the rest seeds and new plants pop up. Then it will be time for a major clean up, I’m fast losing my path!

      I haven’t tried the pizza yet, I’ll keep you posted. Might be a hard sell for Mr Good.

  3. Michelle says:

    Why is it that tomatoes never seem to ripen quickly enough? Ah well, tomato season is just coming to an end in my garden and I’ll be happy enough for a short while to not have to deal with more ripe tomatoes… But I will be missing them soon enough and totally envious of yours! And I’ve got my fingers crossed that my garlic will look half as good as yours 6 months from now (no rust, please no rust this year).

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ve never really had to deal with a major glut of tomatoes Michelle, I’m still dreaming of those days. I tend to get gluts of things like silver beet or turnips, never tomatoes or strawberries or eggplants or even beans really. Maybe one day I’ll think “no I definitely don’t want to see another ripe tomato for a while” but I can’t imagine ever really getting to that point and I’m sure it wouldn’t last for long.

      Good luck with the garlic, mine was pure chance no skill involved (and in fact no work or attention given to the plants for the last six months, gotta love that). Hope the rust stays away.

  4. Andrea says:

    Great harvest this week Barb, congrats on your garlic and enjoy those beetroot…… I pulled out the last of the silver beet yesterday and feed it to the chooks.
    Yes a good soak of rain would really get everything moving nicely, I’m now remembering why I first didn’t bother with a veggie garden over summer the climate is just too harsh and with the hot wind thats been around over the last week lots of plants are looking a little sad.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes, veggie gardening over summer around here is not for the faint hearted is it. An I imagine the temps and wind would be that bit hotter and stronger where you are. I think they’re predicting rain for Friday in Melbourne, I hope you get some too.

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