Harvest Monday – 7th January, 2013

Officially my first post of the new year and it’s to be a Harvest Monday one, if only that were a sign of a prolific harvest ahead, but sadly weather conditions here in south-east Australia and a swarm of pesky white flies will probably see my harvest much reduced.  Anyway here is what I’ve been picking recently, not all this week, but all since my last post just before Christmas.

Beans, green and purple.  Despite me planting about thirty bean seedlings and them germinating and growing extremely well early on, they have been severely effected by whitefly especially the purple ones and I’m only getting a handful of beans every now and again off them.  In fact these are the only purple beans I’ve picked so far.  The beanettes I had high hopes for have yet to produce a single bean.


Zucchinis – I’ve picked about three good sized zukes and a couple of real tiddlers that started to shrivel at the end.  I had all sorts of problems with this last year, but so far this year most seem to be getting to full size.


Cucumber – Just one so far, but there are lots of flowers and small fruit on the plants so hopefully they will really kick in now.

Basil – none pictured and not in great qualities, but enough to strew over some pasta, a salad or on some bruschetta.

Lettuce (mixed) – again not pictured and not in huge amounts, though I do now have a few good looking plants in the garden which will hopefully keep us in lettuce for at least a few weeks.

Silverbeet – mostly this was picked because the whiteflies were all over it and it was easier to pick the leaves then spray them.  Most of it went to some friendly rabbits and a bit to the worms.  We’re a bit over silverbeet to be honest.

Lots of parsnips and beetroots – I picked all the parsnips except one really little one and most of the beetroot to try and clear out a bed.  Again these were terribly infested with whitefly and with the tanks now dry I thought a few less beds to water would be a good thing.  I had all sort of issues digging the parsnips up, they just did not want to come out of the ground and many snapped off part way down the root.  I never have this trouble with carrots, is there a trick I should know about? I will roast these and then freeze them to use later (when the weather is more conducive to eating roasted vegetables).


Blueberries – only a few at a time unfortunately, but always delicious.


The most exciting harvest of recent days was the plum.  Just one, the black bird got the other one!  I picked it a few days before it was really ready, but it ripened in the fruit bowl and then I ate it, as I watched that darn bird searching the tree for another snack!  It was just like a plum should taste.


The garden as a whole however is suffering from a severe lack of rain – we haven’t had decent rain for months now – and empty tanks so they are getting watered less frequently with tap water, something I usually manage to avoid.  We are also in the midst of a bit of a heat wave with temperatures in the high thirties and forties for several days and more predicted.  Combine that with a swarming mass of whiteflies and you have one fairly sad looking vegetable garden.  Thankfully my tomatoes still look okay, though I’m yet to pick any they are covered in fruit and the first are starting the redden up now.

That’s it from me, for more head on over to Daphne’s.


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3 Responses to Harvest Monday – 7th January, 2013

  1. Patsy says:

    Beautiful plum! I’m glad you got to eat it instead of the bird. I just saw a news report that you in Australia are experiencing a record heat-wave. I hope you get rain soon!

  2. Liz says:

    My tanks dry too but I have been liberally using Melbourne’s Water – the dams are still at 80% so i don’t fell guilty yet… Whilst I’ve had white fly it doesn’t seem to have affected my plants as badly as yours – perhaps i should be thankful for the family of sparrows in my garden?

  3. Norma Chang says:

    I see reports of record heat wave and brush fire in Australia, hope you get relief real soon.
    Sorry to learn about the white fly damage to your crop, your parsnips look great and I too am glad you got that plum instead of the bird.

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