Harvest Monday – 11 February, 2013

It’s late so this will be a quick run down.  Here’s what I picked this week.

IMG_0410 IMG_0407

Pictured above:

1 Armenian cucumber (which I should have picked a bit earlier but I found it hard to judge and it grew so quickly)

1 Lebanese cucumber

1 zucchini (2 more picked during the week not photographed)

About 15 large tomatoes and a dozen or so cherry tomatoes (possibly more picked that missed the camera, I’m losing track)

3 little red capsicums

And not pictured:

A handful of green and purple beans which is more than I usually get

A big handful of basil

Several bowls full of lettuce leaves

2 spring onions


That’s it from me, for more click here.

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6 Responses to Harvest Monday – 11 February, 2013

  1. So, which do you like better: Armenian or Lebanese cucumbers? Great harvest.

    • Barbara Good says:

      The lebanese without question. The Armenian is very interesting visually, but it takes an age to grow and despite have hundreds of flowers only a few fruit set. Also you really do need to remove the seeds and I think I should have picked it a little earlier. I’m going to try to pickle some and see how that turns out.

  2. Liz says:

    I too want to know what the Armenian cucumber is like. Also what variety the capsicums are – they look really interesting.

    • Barbara Good says:

      The capsicums were from a mixed pack so I have no idea what variety it is, but it’s been doing well this year (I kept it in the garden over winter after getting only a couple of little green capsicums last year). They’re still very small, but sweet and mild just like the girls like them – red capsicums is just about they’re favourite snack.

  3. alyse says:

    I wish I was getting Lettuce, all mine bolted over Christmas and I haven’t had much success with the next few lots I sowed. Great Harvest, I would like to know what the Armenian was like as well 🙂

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