Sunday Watch….. Binge TV

On my way home from the teachers rally last Thursday I was listening to 774 Radio with Raph Epstein.  The discussion was binge TV, you know when you get a box set of a series (or download it as seems to be the way sometimes) and watch the thing in just a few evenings.  This modern phenomena appears to be having quite an impact on the way we watch TV, no longer willing to watch one episode a week and then wait a whole year for the next season to start.  It is especially appealing when the TV stations muck around with the timing of their programs so that what was on at 9.30 on week then appears at 10.30 the next and so on until you’ve missed so many episode you’ve missed the whole story.

Bingeing on TV programs has become something of a habit for Mr Good and I for several reason.  Firstly, there are few series on TV that we both enjoy, yet there are many older series that we missed and are now enjoying together.  And I must say there have been some phenomenally good shows made in the last few years. Secondly, we don’t start watching until both the girls are in bed, settled and sound asleep, which rarely coincides with the start of a show, so watching it in our own time works wonderfully.  And lastly because we don’t start til late we don’t like wasting time with ads and so on.  It’s something we share and for a couple that sometimes have more differences than similarities that is a great thing.

We have just finished all five seasons of Breaking Bad and loved it, though the last season was probably its weakest so far.  We LOVED West Wing (how did we miss that first time around?) which we finished at the end of last year and Mad Men has probably moved to my number 2 show of all time.  Our binge TV habit started with The Wire (still my number 1) and what a way to start.  The Sons of Anarchy has also featured in the mix, though I did find the last season so gratuitously violent I had trouble watching it.  We have quite a list of shows we want to get through and now take it in turns to pick (but it has to be one we both enjoy).  It’s my pick next and I think I’ll go with the Danish series The Killing.

So readers, are you binge TV watchers and if so what is your pick for a thrilling, engaging, have-to-see-what-happens-next kind of show?  Or perhaps you’re a binge-er of another sort?  Binge reading perhaps?  I’ve certainly done my share of that, The Millennium series springs to mind there.

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4 Responses to Sunday Watch….. Binge TV

  1. Liz says:

    When I lived in the UK my mum used to send me the videos of Sea Change and binged on them. I still can happily binge on that series. Recently we watched the first season of Mad Men and enjoyed it but haven’t gotten round to season 2 yet. I also have the first season of Breaking Bad ready to start. West Wing is my favourite show of all time but I’ve not watched it again on DVD …yet….

  2. Barbara Good says:

    You know Sea Change is one I never really watched…. and not one I could get Mr Good to watch, but perhaps I’ll get it and watch it over the next school holidays. Mad Men, for me, just gets better and better so definitely get into season two (if only for the fabulous flat Don moves into!). I think you’ll enjoy Breaking Bad too, the first four seasons are great, the fifth one is good but not as good. And West Wing…. wow! I didn’t want it to end. Have you watched The Wire?

    • Liz says:

      I have to admit to being a bit scared of the Wire – my post children self struggles with violence but maybe I should give it a go. My partner enjoyed Sea Change so you never know….perhaps yours will…. My partner who is annoyingly reading this as I type (on laptop in front of the TV – so the typing is probably interupting his cricket viewing) wants to convey his deepest sympathies for the passing of you nom de plume husband. (hmmm that was an awful way to express it but RIP Richard Briers.

      • Barbara Good says:

        The Wire is a bit on the violent side, not as much as some of the other series I’ve watched lately, but would be something to keep in mind. It also takes a bit to get used to the language. I think I might inflict Sea Change on Mr Good and hope for the best.

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