Monday Harvest – 4 March, 2013

Well we’ve hit Autumn but you wouldn’t know it by the weather around here.  We’re set for another week or more of 30+ temperatures with not a drop of rain in sight.  Thankfully we did have a a fairly recent downpour to revive the plants and fill the tanks, but it seems I will be back lots of watering, especially as we spent the weekend re-doing the front garden in preparation for the auction in a couple of months.

Aside from the hot days, often humid but with little rainfall, the plants are still providing more than we could possible eat in a week.  Apologies for the dark photo, I was rapidly losing sunlight when I took this.


Included above is”

Another 5kg of potatoes (kipfler and dutch cream)

5kg tomatoes (some given away)

500g beans – beanette, purple king and stringless

2 Lebanese eggplants

1 red capsicum

2 parsnips

1 carrot

1 HUGE turnip

2 beetroots

spring onions

basil (lots picked throughout the week)


Sadly there were no cucumbers this week (Mr Good’s favourite) and thankfully there were no zucchinis, but there will be next week!

For other harvests head over to Daphne’s.

PS If you missed my usual Sunday post I’m sorry.  After two full days doing a massive clean up in the gardens, front and back, and re-vamping the front one entirely as well as having very ratty over-tired, attention-seeking children last night I was exhausted.  On the plus side the garden looks really good now.  There will be one next week, I’ve got a great topic for you too.



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3 Responses to Monday Harvest – 4 March, 2013

  1. Liz says:

    Lovely harvest – fab variety. Good that your spuds did so well.

  2. Great week! If you’re missing zucchinis, I’m sure that I could spare some…. 😉

  3. That turnip is massive! Was it forgotten/hidden or just ambitious?

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