Slow Living – February, 2013

I wasn’t sure whether I would have the time or inclination to participate in the Slow Living monthly reflections this year, but I so enjoyed the process last year and especially reading others that I decided when I can I will.  I missed January, but I’ve found a small gap in my day to do one brief one for February.  So here goes…

Satisfyingly so much of what ended up on our plates in February started life in the garden. We had more tomatoes than I knew what to do with (well actually that’s not true, there was lots of bottling), cucumbers, zucchinis, capsicums, eggplants, corn, beans, lettuce, pak choy, onions and spring onions and plenty of herbs.  These were turned into salads, quiches, ratatouille, savoury slices, pasta sauces, fritters and much more.  It was a month of vegetarian cooking.

IMG_0417  IMG_0411

After months of nothing in the way of preparing and bottling, February saw lots of action in this department and a significant reduction in my jar collection.  I made fig and orange jam, cucumber bread and butter pickles and tomato sauce (for sausages etc).  There has been more since and more still to make.


February was a massive month of de-cluttering in an attempt to prepare our house for sale.  I gave away lots of things on Freecycle, some went to the op-shop, some to the tip (mostly garden clippings and thankfully not too many things that would make me feel guilty about putting into landfill).  However the bulk of it went into storage.  Things that I’m not yet ready to part with or baby things that may or may not see another Good baby use.  The house feels much better for the hard work and hopefully it will pay off in the long run.

I’m not sure that I’m doing anything new in this department.  I seem to have hit something of a plateau in the greening department.  Perhaps it’s like dieting, you do really well for a while and then hit a stalling point and need to ramp something up before you start seeing results again.  I say this sounding like I know what I’m talking about, but my experience of dieting is pretty much entirely second-hand.  I tend to have the opposite problem, which while it sounds great, isn’t without its problems.  Anyway, I’ve gotten distracted, what I was getting at is that it might be time for me to ramp things up if I want to live an even greener life, but I’m not sure where to start.

Well the garden has been bringing in a bounty every week lately (see above list) and has been full to capacity for quite a while.  As such I didn’t plant anything in February.  However, I should have, because now I have two empty beds and no seedlings ready to go. Mind you they probably would not have liked the heat anyway.  I will be planting this month though to make sure the garden looks productive, but also neat, interesting and manageable (I don’t want to turn buyers off now do I), quite a tricky balancing act I suspect.  Feel free to offer suggestions for what to plant.

IMG_0407  IMG_0404

I did a little crocheting this month, but not much.  I hate working with yarn in the heat.  I also pulled out my sewing machine a couple of times to make some draw string bags to keep toys with lots of parts in (jigsaw puzzles etc) and to repair a mermaid costume that got accidentily torn (of course it was from the toy library and not from our own dress up box).  Mostly my creative energies have been satisfied by working, which I am really LOVING this semester.  I have wonderful classes and have been really enjoying coming up with different activities and teaching strategies for them.

I’m not sure what, if anything, I discovered this month.  I did read a collection of memoirs which really hit on my fascination with history and changed my perspective on a few things.  I will share more on this on Sunday.  I’ve also been swatting up on my Viking history (which I haven’t taught before, it’s very interesting) and the evolution of man.

I gifted quite a bit of my garden produce during the month and my knitting group gathered to sort out the design of our blanket and start the sewing up part of the project.  It looked very bright and cheerful all laid out on the floor, but we did spend a little while swapping squares trying to get the balance just so.

Friday morning trips to the zoo or museum with the girls, home before the heat becomes unbearable.

Dinner with some girlfriends, great food and continuous conversation.

Watching The Killing with Mr Good.

Time in the kitchen


The short period during and after the one rain event when the plants perked up and the temperature dropped.

And BEST OF ALL…. my sisters engagement!  I knew you could do it BT.  To say the family is excited is a massive understatement.  I also have the honour of being her bridesmaid.

And lots more.

photo (13)  photo (14)

And that brings me to the end of February and the end of Summer, now we just need an end to the endless hot dry weather.  I’ve heard Autumn is supposed to be colder than usual, so I’ll probably be complaining about that soon enough, but right now cold sounds good!  Still 30 degrees at quarter past ten!

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2 Responses to Slow Living – February, 2013

  1. Sue says:

    my slow living posts seem to have fallen off but you sound as busy as ever, love hearing about your family x

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks Sue, yes as busy as ever, but with the school holidays just around the corner I should manage some down time soon( best thing about being a teacher!)

      I keep meaning to pop over to your blog as I have a few crochet questions I thought you might be able to answer. I always read your posts, but usually on my phone and it doesn’t let me leave comments. I love all your craftiness (esp those jars you did recently!!)

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