In the Kitchen…. Potato Salad

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I currently have about 10kg of potatoes sitting in boxes in my garage that have been dug up over the last few weekends.  Unfortunately it has not really been the weather for enjoying hot dinners with mashed, roasted or baked potatoes.  Instead it has been salad weather.  Salad with everything, though it’s usually with something cooked outside on the BBQ because who wants to stand in an already hot kitchen with the stove or oven going and the temperature not dipping below 30 until late a night.  So, of course, with those potatoes I made potato salad.  I always use my Mum’s recipe with bacon and lots of mint, from the garden naturally.  It also includes spring onions, mayo, a little cream and some lemon juice.  Plus mint, did I mention mint?

And although I’m a day late, I’m going to link this in with Veggiegobbler once again.

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One Response to In the Kitchen…. Potato Salad

  1. Yes it has been so hot hasn’t it. I dug up some potatoes last weekend in a spot that I completely forgot had potatoes – so that was a nice surprise.

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