A Good move…..

That’s right, it’s official, the Goods are on the move (well it’s almost official, but I’m confident enough to post about it).  Having expanded our house hunting mission to include some bigger towns and some places further from the city, Mr Good and I found a house that satisfied all our requirements.  That is an old house ‘with character’, a little bit more space inside and out, a lovely neighbourhood, close to good schools and somewhere we can put our stamp on for a good many years.  Oh and one that would dramatically reduce our mortgage so we could drop down to one income until the kids are at school at least.  That’s not too much to ask is it.

Well, at first it seemed like it was.  Our original plan was to move to one of the satellite towns close to Melbourne and on the train line so that Mr Good could commute to work.  We could tick just about everything off our list except for the ‘old house with character’ part.  All we could afford in these towns were new houses in new estates, not our style at all.  So we expanded the search to include Ballarat and Geelong.  In the end Ballarat won out and this is what we bought….

25 Queen Victoria Street, Newington, Vic 3350

Isn’t it cute!  Having said that, it’s not perfect, the garden is a little smaller than I would have liked (but still bigger than what I currently have) and some of the rooms need a fair bit of work, though we’re actually looking forward to that.  The other down side is that we’re moving to Ballarat in mid July, it’s going to be COLD!!!  Despite these flaws, the pluses far outweigh the minuses.  The whole street is cute and the wider area is GREAT.  We can walk to lovely parks and shops, we have a sitting room, a lounge room and a family room plus the cupboard space is amazing.  We’ve picked out a little spot for some chickens and one side of the garden will be solely devoted to my vegetables.

I’m so excited about the move.  I already know a couple of people in Ballarat, both with kids.  I’m looking forward to not having to bring work home and to have more time with the girls.  Not doing three crazy mornings a week as we all try to get out of the house by 7.15am will be wonderful.  I’m hoping to get in more time for crocheting and sewing as well as getting back to my cooking from scratch aims and of course plenty of time in the garden.

I will however, really miss teaching and being in the classroom.  I’ll miss the students and especially the amazing fellow teachers I work with.  Mr Good will have a long commute at least four times a week which will be hard I think, but we’re hoping in the long run he will be able to get work in Ballarat.  Otherwise we will swap roles for a while and he can do the stay at home dad thing.

So in all that there’s a lot to look forward to and a little bit to be daunted about but I think it will be good for all of us.

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15 Responses to A Good move…..

  1. Liz says:

    Good for you! Its beautiful and I hope it brings you everything you were looking for. I look forward to your posting about your new garden. Ballarat’s climate is really similar to where I grew up and you are absolutely right about it being freezing in July. Lots you can still grow though.

  2. A says:

    That is bloody marvellous news! Hurrah! Congratulations! I’m very glad that the house hunting hasn’t consumed a ridiculous amount of time, as it so often seems to. That house should be in a cross stitch frame. And your choice seems spot on for you with lots of perks in the location I think. I’m envious! Well done!

    • Barbara Good says:

      A too am SO pleased the house hunting didn’t take week after week. We did 12 house inspections in one day with Miss Two, that was enough! The thought of having to do that again and again was awful.
      Ha, it does look like a cross stitch, perhaps I should do one….

  3. fergie51 says:

    How exciting for you! Having just gone through the process I can highly recommend it. Similar distance to Melbourne as us but I think quite a different climate. Look forward to the updates of garden etc.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying your move, am I right in thinking you’re in Gippsland somewhere. Both my mum and dad’s families come from Gippsland. I can’t wait to get stuck into the garden and will be blogging about it I’m sure.

  4. What a cute place! Good luck with your move.

  5. Jan says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for a tour of the new house and to see what plans you have for the yard.

  6. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, wonderful news for yourselves and your beautiful girls. I’m sure Ballarat will be a lovely place to explore. A book that may just interest you at this stage, if you haven’t already read it, is Radical Homemaker by Shannon Hayes, an American book, but very relevant to us all, and particularly as you are about to embark on a more sustainable way of life. On another note, there is a breeder of what is arguably one of the best laying pure breed of chickens, the Langshan, located in Ballarat. I must admit to bias as the owner of 4 of these girls – they are quiet and very friendly as well as being good layers. Good luck for your future, and may you have many successes. Jenny Pearson

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh Jenny, it’s so lovely to here from you on my blog. I’m so looking forward to checking out our new neighbourhood. I’ve already been googling all sorts of things, where I can go to pilates, is there an eco shop somewhere nearby, what markets do they have (Talbot market looks great) etc…
      I’m going to check out that book at the library this week and see if I can check it out, I’m intrigued.
      I’m also very pleased to be pointed in the right direction in regards to the chickens. I haven’t heard of Langshan, but will check them out. Do you think they’d be quiet enough for the girls, Miss Four is easily spooked when it comes to animals (though she has already named them)? Good layers is what we want! You might become my chicken expert.

  7. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, hope you have luck getting the book – I managed to get mine from our local library, so you shouldn’t have any problems. I feel the hens I recommended would be quiet enough for your girls – they are black with lightly feathered legs, and mine are very friendly with their owner, but a bit standoffish with strangers – Chinese Langshans are their full name not croad Langshans, google this name and the information will be there, they come in bantam size as well – need more information only too happy to help. I thought there was a farmer’s market held around Lake Wendouree also – I’m sure you will eventually find all about such things when you start exploring!!

  8. Claire says:

    Oh Barnara! The house looks beautiful and being able to have one income till the kids go to school sounds like bliss! You’ll have a wonderful time … Greenie x

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks Greenie. I’m hoping that we can find a rhythm that works for our days at home. I have, in the past, found this a bit challenging. Hopefully once Miss Four starts Kinder next year that will become easier. And I think not having to juggle work, childcare and everything else will be blissful, especially after the stress of reports and exams.

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