Harvest Monday – 20 May, 2013

Just a few things picked from the garden this week, but lots of cooking done with the produce either in the fridge or frozen from earlier in the year.

IMG_0539  IMG_0538

I’ve been picking the capsicums when they’re most red, but a little bit green because they’re taking so long to ripen and I don’t know how much longer they’ll keep coming.  This week I got three of various sizes.

I picked almost all of the remaining basil, this was in a pot that I move to a very protected spot when I was getting the garden ready for the auction and it really came on well.  It won’t last much longer either I would guess (it certainly won’t like Ballarat in July!)

A large bowl of mostly long eggplants.  I’ve still got quite a lot on some of the plants so will probably pick more next week.  I’m going to make a rough version of an eggplant parmigiana with this lot (it’s better with the larger variety, but I’ll give it a try with these ones and see how it goes).  That’s also what the basil is going into.

Thyme for some pumpkin soup made with my own pumpkin, potato and garlic as well as the thyme.  I thought it was one of the nicest pumpkins soups I’ve made, the pumpkin was a great colour and really sweet.  Mr Good ate it listening to two screaming tantrum-ing children who both turned their noses up at the dish.  We were pretending we were eating at a very cool, noisy restaurant…. we have very good imaginations!

On another matter, I’m still waging war against the big, cheap clothing stores in Australia who all manufacture clothes in Bangladesh.  I’ve emailed or left messages for all of them three times each now and I was so pleased to see change.org had started a petition urging them to sign up to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety agreement.  If you’d like to participate here’s the link to the petition http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/woolworths-and-big-w-sign-on-to-the-bangladesh-fire-and-building-safety-agreement.  But better yet, email or write to any of the major Australian players (KMart, Target, Big W and Cotton On) to express your dissatisfaction and boycott them until they sign up.  There’s more information on the Oxfam Australia site here, https://www.oxfam.org.au/2013/05/k-mart-target-tell-us-where-your-bangladeshi-factories-are/.

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13 Responses to Harvest Monday – 20 May, 2013

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Lots of harvesting going on at your place!

  2. Those are some cool looking capsicums. I like the way they are tri colored. I love eggplant. How wonderful that you are still getting some.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Those capsicums did look quite funky. On the eggplants, I find the long eggplants have a really long harvest and do well planted late too, makes for a good stop-gap between seasons for a while anyway.

  3. michelle says:

    Your eggplant looks amazing for so late in the season. I make eggplant parmigiana with just about any size eggplant – tastes good to me, but I think the texture is nicer with larger slices because there’s less skin (I’m too lazy to peel the little ones).

  4. Oh man…I hope to harvest just a few eggplant this season…but if I had bowl fulls like you, I’d be in heaven!

  5. Liz says:

    Excellent work on your crusade. I will check out the petition. Also excellent work on your eggplants. I didn’t get many long ones this year – I planted them too close to my Bonica which overshadowed them completely.

  6. Jan says:

    I just signed the petition, I hope it does some good.

  7. Thanks for highlighting the issue of “cheap” goods. It’s so easy for people to ignore the deeper cost of cheap things.

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