Harvest Monday – 27 May, 2013

So the sum total of my garden harvest this weeks is………

zip, nothing, not one little thing.

Very little cooking done either as I try to empty the freezers before our move.  This is particularly timely as I drown in an every mounting pile of marking and report writing.  This time of year really stinks in teaching.

On a plus though, Mr Good did pick up some of the slack yesterday, cleaning up the house with the girls while I had a lie in, taking the girls to the zoo for most if the day and then coming home having done the groceries to cook a roast for all of us.  It doesn’t happen often, but boy did I appreciate it yesterday.  And of course the pumpkin and potato were from the garden and tasted amazing.

As an aside, I took the girls into the I Give a Gonski rally for increased school funding on Saturday afternoon.  It was a lovely day and for a great cause.  If you want to show your support here’s where you can.

Check out this photo which is the banner image on the I Give a Gonski Facebook page, Miss Four is in the aqua green jumper at the front.

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3 Responses to Harvest Monday – 27 May, 2013

  1. kitsapfg says:

    Sounds like your life has been quite hectic of late. Love the pic and miss 4 is darling! Glad you got a day of help in there too – it is nice to take a breather once in a while. I worked like a fiend Saturday and yesterday (Sunday) so that I could actually take a day off from “chores” today (Monday) as it is a holiday for us. I actually am trying to make it a lazy day without obligations. It meant that I had to work hard for the prior two days to pull it off though. Worth it I think in the end.

  2. andreamynard says:

    Have to say I’ve just been using up meals from the freezer myself over a lazy bank holiday weekend – home-made ‘ready meals’ that have been much appreciated while we all spend lots of time inside rather than in the kitchen. Sounds as if you are working so hard, good luck with your move.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ack, moving is such a horror! Hope you make through relatively painlessly. .and give Mr. Good an extra big hug and kiss for being such a good guy.

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