Escaping into the 1920s

Ever get that intense desire to just escape reality for a bit?  I do and this week I needed to escape work after just having finished reporting writing and exam marking, escape the house after being trapped there working, cleaning and caring for the kids for days and escape my feeling of dismay and frustration by all things political in Australia this week. My escape was into the 1920s…. well what the 20s would have looked like if created by Baz Luhrmann.  I went to see The Great Gatsby.  I loved the book when I read it in 1998, I loved the movie, though my recollection of the book didn’t necessarily match what was on the screen.  For me the movie was an explosion of art deco (something I’ve loved since traveling in New Zealand in 2001).  It was pretty classic Baz, very similar especially in sound track (the only non-1920s feature) and cinematography to his others like Romeo and Juliette and Moulin Rouge.  Here’s what I loved the most….

The jewellery, especially this headband……

This head scarf……

The fashion, this dress was spectacular, but there were a couple of others I couldn’t find shots of.

The furniture and interior design – I love this bedroom suit, particularly that piece at the foot of this bed and the rug.

Check out the floor in this one.

This fabulous tea set

And so much more that there are no still of as yet.  The collection of 20s telephones is wonderful (look out for the gorgeous green on). And if you’re into cars then you’d be happy too, though I did hear the models used were slightly more modern than the year the film was set in.

The other highlight for me was the use of the actual text from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel which is so beautifully written. Having said that it was a little cheesy in parts.

I know there is division in reviews on this one and I’m not going to add any more to those, but for pure escapism and an art deco hit it was just what I needed.


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4 Responses to Escaping into the 1920s

  1. Liz says:

    I saw it on the weekend too and also loved that tea set. I read the book many times after studying it in about year 11 but hadn’t read it for about 15 years. I reckonised heaps of the dialogue as quotes that I had memorised for exams which was fun. I am a fan of the book and I really enjoyed the film as well. Personally I don’t get people’s issues with it. I enjoyed the music and thought Tobey Maguire was fine as Nick which seem to be the biggest objections people have with the film. I also think the film did a good job depicting the shallow pointlessness of Tom and Daisy’s lives which is my overriding memory of the book so frankly I don’t really get all the films negative press (except of course the 3D thing but I just went to it in 2D and ignored the occasional obviously made for 3D shot).

  2. Ali says:

    I’d really like to see it on the big screen just to drink up the gorgeous design – including that jewelled headband. I may not hear a word they say while my brain is so busy with my eyes! (My wedding may have looked very different had this film come first!)

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