Tree Change House Tour – Part Two

Look at this, two posts in two days, this tree change must be working its charm already.

As promised, here is the second half of the house tour.  I’ve done all of the remaining rooms (except the laundry which I do love, it’s big with lots of cupboards and bench space and an inside clothes line – this was full so obscured the room and after all, it is just a laundry, right?) and the outside back and front.

Well start at the front and work back, so here is that super cute exterior…



Tell me that’s not worthy of being cross-stitched.  The garden is currently just a simple garden bed along the front and western sides with much neglected roses (I’m going to attempt to prune them this week) and other miscellaneous shrubs with the rest being grass.  My plan is a cottage look with more garden beds and maybe replacing the grass with paving or something similar.  I thought that way I could mix in lots of herbs, perhaps some chillis, chard, kale etc with flowers and shrubs.

Next is the main bedroom (note: the lump in the bed is the cat, he’s still in hiding after the move).


Hard to get a full shot of this room, but there is a set of built in cupboards and boarded up fireplace (I’d love to restore this and the one in the girls room) against the wall opposite the window.  This room is calling out for something on the walls, I’m thinking some black and white photos blown up and framed with black frames.  I also think a grey instead of the butter colour on the walls, which will go nicely with a grey and red bedspread set I got for my birthday.  But again the 14ft ceilings scare me, so butter it is for now.  The navy curtains are on the cull list two, they’re in terrible condition and are pinned permanently to the sides of the windows.

The study/reading/sewing room is next…

IMG_0307  IMG_0308

IMG_0309 IMG_0311

This is a lovely room, bright, north-facing with the fireplace in tact (though not operational).  I’m yet to hang the frames in here and there is a sever lack of furniture.  (It also has a dark purple ceiling).  We need to find some nice arm chairs for the area in front of the fire place and perhaps another small desk so Mr Good can work on one and I can set my sewing machine up on the other.  (Oh and the cupboard needs the doors replaced).  As for a colour scheme, I’m not sure, maybe the same grey as the bedroom.

Next up is a very non-descript small hallway. (View from the front door and then from the other end of the hallway.)

IMG_0312 IMG_0313

This area just needs a fresh coat of paint, probably white, some pictures on the wall and maybe a little vintage telephone table or the like to make it a welcoming entrance.  The front door also needs replacing, so I’ll be on the look out for an authentic Victorian door.

The bathroom is the last room.


It’s small but mostly functional with a nice antique vanity unit and plenty of storage.  The bath is the only thing that needs immediate attention in here and will hopefully be re-enameled next week so we can actually use it.  Having a two and four year old in the shower with you is not my idea of fun.  Of course I have long term ideas for this room, including moving the door so it doesn’t come straight off the kitchen.

And now for the backyard.  The first view is from the back door, looking towards the back fence.



This is already looking well used isn’t it!  They do say every man needs a shed, and this really IS a shed.  Mr Good is in his element, and there’s a little nook for my gardening bits too.  One big issue though is that there is no electricity connection so we currently have a bloody long extension lead running the whole length of the yard and the back double door has to be lifted manually.  We have rear access here, but it’s over a century old wooden bridge over a drain to an ill-used and poorly maintained laneway.  It’s a little scary getting the car in and out and having to stop halfway over the bridge to open or close the garage door just adds to the challenge (and that double door is darn heavy and sometimes pushed up just out of my reach).  The electrician will be coming ASAP.


This area is the future vegetable garden (minus the clothesline) and chicken coop right down the back.  It should fit three or four 1x3m beds plus one along the side fence and the small existing on in from of the garage.  Not huge but should keep me busy enough.

The final view is from the shed door looking back at the house.


There’s a nice deck and grassed area for the girls, plus two lovely silver birches which will all stay as it is for the time being.  It’s the perfect spot for the girls to play and THEY have plans for a trampoline and maybe a cubby house.

And that’s it, the whole house.

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6 Responses to Tree Change House Tour – Part Two

  1. Liz says:

    We got our kids a cubby house for X-Mas last year. I think they’ve been in it about half a dozen times since. So much for my lovely peaceful hours gardening etc while they entertained themselves in the cubby. How long before I can turn it into my garden shed do you reckon?

    • Barbara Good says:

      I think six months is adequate Liz, so anytime now I’d say. But I’m disappointed to hear about the lack of interest in a the cubby, I had that on this list. Miss Four wants a trampoline – That will take up a fair chunk so it had better be used or I’ll put it on e-bay and plant more veggies!

  2. A says:

    That house is just flipping delightful. All those fireplaces!! Those floors! That kitchen! I am envy all over! Congratulations again and sorry for slipping off the map – changing feed readers has my usual list in a shambles. Looking forward to seeing you get stuck into your NEW good life! 🙂

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