Pinterest Inspiration – Wardrobe makeover

Are you into Pinterest, I love it and find it quite addictive.  I’ve collected lots (and lots…. and lots) of ideas from everything from kids craft ideas, cooking, gardening and decorating – lots of decorating.  And you should see my crochet board! To date my passion for Pinterest has been more passive than active, I collect but don’t do much else with my Pins.  I thought it was time to change that (ever seen those “Pinterest – Nailed it” sites.  They’re very funny and I can imagine I might fall into that category at some point.  I promise I’ll share the successes and failures.)

And as you can probably gather from the house tour posts, the house we have bought needs some work, lots of painting, replacing old carpets, gardening and adding our own touches to the place. Plenty of opportunity to try out my Pinned ideas. Most of the work will be done a little down the track when we know exactly what we want to do or we have agreed on colours and so on and when we save the money to do each step.  But one thing that needed to be addressed straight away was the state of the girls’ bedroom.

The inspiration for this little make over was this bookshelf

::background splash on a bookshelf::

from the family circle flickr page (

Here’s what it looked like before.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

Moudly, huge gaps, drafty and damp.  It also had no shelving and there’s only so much hanging space two small girls need (the other side has two hanging rails, upper and lower).

So the gaps were filled, the heater was run to dry out the damp, the walls were thoroughly cleaned and the whole thing was undercoated.  Mr Good then set to work building two lots of shelves, a harder task than first thought when we realised NOTHING in the wardrobe was square…. that’s old houses for you I guess.

While the shelves were being built I painted the insides.  I figured that because it was just the inside of a cupboard I could go a bit crazy and pick a colour that was bright and wild.

So here’s what it looks like after the make over…

IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011


I think it looks great and is a darn sight better than what we were faced with originally.  There’s plenty of room for the girls clothes and with all this extra storage space I was able to get rid of the chest of draws giving the whole room more space and a less cluttered look.

The floor of the wardrobe still needs some sort of covering, one that’s more hard wearing for the shoes and gum boots.  There’s also a space above the shelves (too high for everyday use) that will be painted white in due course.  

The next step is to do the other side of the wardrobe with the same treatment.  And then transforming the middle section, which looks like cupboard space, but is not.  I’ll show you that delight another day.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of orange (I’m very much into it at the moment, I hope it lasts) or would you have gone with a different colour?  Remembering I have the dark blue walls and lots of green in their room already.  Is the orange too much?


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4 Responses to Pinterest Inspiration – Wardrobe makeover

  1. Liz says:

    I too am an orange fan. I once painted my entire lounge a burnt orange but I suspect your back of the wardrobe is far more tasteful.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Braze, Liz, very brave. But I think I’d muck prefer a whole room in burnt orange (great colour!) than a ‘feature wall’. The orange in the wardrobe certainly isn’t one I’d choose to do on a big area – think Fanta colour. Not sure tasteful would quite describe it.

  2. A says:

    Hurrah! Orange is a tricky colour for me. I clothes it makes me look sickly, so I’ve learned to steer away from it in all things ‘bigger than me’, like quilts and jumpers, etc. But this is an excellent way to sneak in a yummy generous colour like orange. 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      I can’t pull of orange either when it comes to clothes, but I’m so in an orange phase at the moment. I’m crocheting and sewing with it as well as painting with it.

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