Some days…..

Some days are just not meant to go the way you want I’ve decided and today was one of them.  But it all started with a poor decision on my part yesterday.

I went to brunch with two friends in a lovely local cafe and decided I would have a nice coffee, a weak one, to go with my all day breakfast.  The problem was, it seems, not everyone understands my meaning of weak, this one was anything but.  Of course I drank it anyway, and enjoyed it.  I should now mention that while I love coffee, it really, really doesn’t love me!  Think shaking hands, sweating, racing heart and of course sleeplessness.  You’d think with all that I’d steer clear and I do most of the time, but every now and again the thought of it seduces me again.  It doesn’t always end in disaster, sometime if it really is weak (or decaf which is very much hit and miss) or if I’m just lucky I have no side effects and I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience.  But most of the time it’s not like that unfortunately.

On top of this Miss Two had a shocker of a night.  I don’t know what was disturbing her – nightmares I suspect at least a couple of times – but she had me up and down five times.  And then decided to start the day at 6am. Giving me a total of two hours sleep. Did I mention that she had also recently dropped her day sleeps and despite all my attempts and me being desperately keen for one myself even today she would not succumb.

So instead of sleeping, we decided to bake something…



Yeah, did exactly go well.  For the record these are supposed to be ANZAC biscuits.  We were half way through making them when I realised I was short on butter, so added a bit more golden syrup.  Add to that the fact that I really haven’t worked out my oven yet and you have this result.  Not good!

But in better news, the girls were out like a light by 7.30pm and my very first copy of Organic Gardener (thanks Playgroup mums) arrived in the post today.  I’m going to flick through that then will more than likely be out like a light myself.

And tomorrow will be better – we’re planning on baking a chocolate cake so I sure hope it’s better!

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6 Responses to Some days…..

  1. I hope you get a good sleep. And we’ve all had a batch of cookies turn out like that before.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes, have slept much better since thanks you Heidi. Mind you both girls are waking more frequently since the move, perhaps not used to their new home quite yet. Also glad I’m not the only one whose had a similar disaster in the kitchen.

  2. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, just as well we can get up the next day and start afresh, being positive that perhaps today things will be a little different, and they usually are – with age comes the knowledge that what used to radically upset us, now seems just a nuisance and not to be dwelt upon, so I hope this is your reaction, and of course, I hope your next day was much better and more fun for you all. Something I have wanted to pass on to you, is a website called Down to Earth, and as the title suggests, it is just that, run by a grandmother here in Australia, it is full of the sort of information that could be of help to you, her fan base is international and from a very wide range of ages – young to oldies like me – and extremely varying in circumstances, you just may find something to interest you there – lots of practical stuff!!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      You know Jenny, I don’t have too many days like this, but everything seems like hard work on two hours sleep doesn’t it? It was funny today I was home with the girls doing our usual thing, playing hide and seek (very funny game with a two and four year old who can’t stop giggling), cooking, cleaning, washing, eating, (and cleaning again), reading, the girls playing their various games. And in all this Mr Good was trying to work from home. He has a nice quiet room at the front of the house and I try to keep the girls out the back. He came out at about 4.30 and said, “So is it always as noisy as this. Maybe I’ll take Miss Four to the shops to give you a break.” Today was just an ordinary game and I felt fine about it, Normally none of this bothers me, I have a routine of sorts, the girls are pretty good at doing they’re own thing while I get other stuff done, but they are noisy and if I haven’t slept well or are feeling unwell it is hard to deal with… that’s when Mums need sick leave. It was a bit of an eye opener for Mr Good though.

      So in other words, no I don’t dwell on or get upset about these issues, but I will avoid coffee for a while! And the days that followed have been great!

      I have looked at the Down to Earth site a few times, but have found it a bit overwhelming, so much information and, in the past, so little time. I’ll have to sit down and have a look now that I’ve got the head space for it. I think she has a book too doesn’t she?

  3. A says:

    Love those cookies. That pic is like a meme for ‘a day of good intentions’ 😉

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