Terrific Twos

So if you write a glowing post full of love and adoration for one child, it’s only fair that you do it for both right?  I’ve loved this age with both of my daughters, but this one is just for the gorgeous Miss Two.  The top reasons why my heart sings when I’m with her…

1. Talking, talking and more talking.  She started early, but with an older sister to do most of it for you she found little reason for expressing herself beyond, yes, no, mine…. bubble and baby raf (giraffe for those playing at home).  But now it’s really starting to come on and her speech is surprisingly clear, I rarely have to translate for others.  She tells everyone she meets what her name is and that she’s two (or eight, her favourite number it seems).  She chatters away to toys, her sister, me, Mr Good, the cat or just to herself.  She has a thousand questions, mostly “What that?”

photo (3)

2. Her love for being outside and going out and about.  She begs her sister every morning to play outside, regardless of the weather.  Freezing, windy as heck, raining, it means nothing to her except a different way to experience the great outdoors.  She races around the house gathering boots, coats, hats and toys if she thinks someone is going out and she might be left behind.  And if someone does go and she doesn’t it is a tragedy of the most severe kind (and we know about it).  She loves to explore, get wet, dirty (ah the washing!), experiment and help.

Ellie (1)

3. She’s a little helper. Every morning she helps me unpack the dishwasher, putting all of the plastic cups, bowls and plates on a shelf I deliberately put at her level, and all the cutlery and utensils away.  She knows where everything goes and arranges it just so.  She helps stack the plates and cups away after every meals and like to wipe the table.  Folding washing is her version of heaven and even better is helping Mr Good in the shed or me in the garden.


4.  Her determination and independence.  For months and months we’ve heard nothing but “I do it. I do it.”  She wants to do everything for herself and is resolute about doing so.  Try to intervene and she gets very cranky.  I try wherever possible to just give her the time and space to try to achieve whatever it is she’s aiming for, but sometimes we just have to get going.  She hates that.  What I love most is the ecstatic cries of “Hooray, I did it, I did it!” when she manages to accomplish a new skill of some sort.  Not so good when it was getting herself out of her cot in the middle of the night, but brilliant when it was getting herself into the car and her carseat.

Not the best photo, but pretty representative of my collection.  She doesn't stand still long enough.

Not the best photo, but pretty representative of my collection. She doesn’t stand still long enough.

5.  She is totally oblivious and disinterested in TV.  For me this is a love/hate thing.  I do limit TV watching, but I think it’s immensely handy when they’re up at 6am and I’m not functioning yet, when I need a shower or when I’m trying to get dinner ready.  I also used to encourage a short period of ‘down time’ when Miss Four dropped her day sleep at two.  Now that Miss Two has also just recently stopped her day sleep, I have little hope of putting something on for twenty minutes so she will rest.  It’s up and at it again before I’ve left the room to put the kettle on.  But on the whole I think it’s great that she’s more interested in helping me get dinner ready, in reading books, playing music, building with duplo, hugging the cat or whatever else she’s discovered a joy for.  I never have a battle over turning the TV off with her.

'Helping' cook (or is it washing up?).  Note also the 'rafs' on the table and the toy piano in the background, her favourite things.

‘Helping’ cook (or is it washing up?). Note also the ‘rafs’ on the table and the toy piano in the background, her favourite things.

She’s a delight, a joyful bundle of fun and energy, willing to throw herself into or at anything with complete abandon.  And I hope that enthusiasm for life is lifelong.

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7 Responses to Terrific Twos

  1. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, do you think that your two beautiful girls will have a few things to teach the almost cousin!!! What wonderful times are ahead!!

  2. I love this post, I have a Miss 2 as well and she is delightful, such a gorgeous age (I also have a Master 4). I agree listening to them start to speak (and sing!) is a joy.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh yes the singing it too cute for words. And don’t you just love the two year age gap, it’s been great for us. Miss Four is old enough to play the mum and be quite protective, but they’re also close enough in age to play together all day.

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  4. A says:

    She sounds absolutely delightful! I’ll thank my lucky stars if my Bub turns out half that good 😉

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’m sure she will A! Two is a great age in my experience, not that four isn’t good too, but two year olds are just so damned adorable. It’s the bug bummed (especially for cloth nappy wearers) wiggly walk and their attempts at language learning and their affection and lack of attitude. As I said a great age.

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