Pinterest Inspiration – In the Kitchen

I have quite a number of boards on my Pinterest page – though nothing compared with some hardcore pinners – and some are more full than others.  Generally speaking I get most of my pin by scrolling through the six or eight boards that Pinterest sends me each week according to what they think I’m interested in.  Sometimes they get it spot on, cooking, crochet, gardening, organisational tips (I really need these), decorating, and stuff for the kids.  Other times it’s oh so wrong!  Designer nails, tattoos galore and other equally irrelevant stuff.

One of my most crowded boards is the cooking one, everything just looks to yummy I can’t not pin it, but very rarely do I actually try any of it.  So when I was puzzling over the whole menu planning thing (of which I will write again…. I know you just can’t wait for that one) I thought I could finally put my pin-happy fingers to good use and look to them for inspiration.  So that’s what I’ve started doing.  And this week’s Pinterest inspired dishes were:

1. Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritatta from here.  The first photo is from the site, the second is my attempt to replicate it with pathetic light and grumpy children crying out to be fed.

Zucchini & Sweet Potato Frittata. #Paleo..lovely colors at play here, along with the flavors.  IMG_0030

The site is all about the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet.  That is completely unintentional, I just thought the frittata looked quite delicious and pinned the image only to find out where the link led to later.  I should say from the outset I’m not a believer in any diet, Paleo, sugar-free, wheat-free or anything else ‘free’.  I eat what I feel like, what I know to be generally healthy and go for colour on the plate wherever I can.  For me there is no clear evidence for any of these diets, there is as much research refuting the claims made as supporting them and they often have dubious beginnings (ie the whole Goji berry phenomenon!).  Plus I just couldn’t be bothered making my life any more complicated.  It helps that I certainly don’t need to lose weight (I tend to have the opposite problem), my kids are healthy, happy and without weight issues themselves and my husband is fine as long as he fits in exercise.

Anyway, despite the fact that this is a ‘diet’ recipe, it really was as yummy as it looked.  I’m curious though as to why the poor old capsicum got left out of the mix in the title.  The sweet potato was the winning ingredient and by whisking the eggs to incorporate lots of air, this frittat  really puffed up and was soft and light.  My garden supply of parsley was pathetic so my version was sparsely sprinkled – more would have been nice – and I think some crumbled feta or goat’s cheese (clearly not in keeping with the whole Paleo diet thing) would add an extra dimension to it as well.  In all it was a very simple winning dish, enjoyed by everyone incredibly, great for our Meat Free Monday theme (which I sometimes struggle with in the colder weather) and very easily adapted.

2. Chocolate ‘Ice Cream’ (actually frozen yogurt) from here.


Okay so my photo here really is terrible, my ice cream was melting after Miss Two had had a major melt down herself and it was snapped quickly then eaten with relish…. by me!

The recipe, from a blog called A Dash of Soul (which looks worthy of checking out further), is so very easy, using mainly Greek yogurt instead of cream as in a standard ice cream and with very few ingredients.  It was done and into the ice cream maker in a few minutes and then into the freezer for dessert.  I also made Nigella Lawson’s chocolate sauce which has golden syrup and dark chocolate in it (and coffee, but I omitted that).  And of course because if you’re going to have chocolate frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce why not add chocolate sprinkles as well.  The crunch of these was great, but nuts or broken up honeycomb or praline would be even better I reckon.

The kids ate this, but not with quite as much enthusiasm as me.  It definitely tastes like frozen yogurt with that gorgeous tang, the girls were less impressed with that.  But on the positive it was CHOCOLATE so hey they ate it anyway.  For me this was the BEST frozen dessert I’ve made in the ice cream maker and it will definitely be coming out of it again (perhaps a bit more regularly than one should).

Not a bad start to my pinterest cook-off hey!  Stay tuned for more.  And if you’ve been inspired by pinterest please feel free to share.  I’d love to hear or see the results.

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