Faces of the Goods

One of our favourite activities for the cold and wet days we’ve had over the last few weeks is to pull the camera out and pose with a variety of faces.  Miss Four usually directs the shoot and the two of them are the subjects, of course always having final say on the photo.  When shooting Miss Two I often don’t get time to take the shot before she’s racing over to see the results, leaving me with half a face or an arm in the shot.  However, we had lots of fun doing these ones last week….

Happy Face…..

IMG_0073 IMG_0067


Grumpy face…..

IMG_0074 IMG_0068


And my personal favourite, surprised face…..

IMG_0076 IMG_0069


Okay so this really was a self-indulgent post, but it made me laugh.  And as we’ve had such a blast of Spring here the last few days we haven’t needed to resort to crazy indoor based activities.  Have we got another stint of winter coming to bite us just as we’re starting to celebrate the start of the sunshine and warmth?

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One Response to Faces of the Goods

  1. Renae smith says:

    So cute! Will definitely do this with my boys 🙂

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