The just because gifts.

I have been feeling very spoilt lately having received a series of just because gifts from lovely people who have seen something and thought I would appreciate it.  Now don’t get the wrong idea here, none of these are from Mr Good.  I would be a very fortunate woman indeed if it were Mr Good giving the gifts and if this was a regular thing.  That is not the case, he just doesn’t think like that.  In fact we really don’t do gifts for each other, even for special occasions.  We tend to mark these events in other ways (if we remember them, we’re both as bad as the other on that front).

However, my lovely, lovely sister is a gift giver and the girls and myself were the lucky recipients this time.  The girls got a pack each of wonderful, colourful paper and ribbon offcuts and stickers from a very special paper shop.  They’re fabulous, I kind of want them for myself but I’m being good.  Miss Two and Miss Four used the new supplies to make lovely Father’s Day cards.  The present for me was completely fantastic, a crochet pattern book that I’d had my eye on.  I had very nearly bought it for myself but the girls were at the end of their tether when I thought we’d stop in at the wool shop so I gave up and went home.  How fortuitous?

IMG_0156 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160

The book is chock full of great patterns, I want to make them all!  I’ve shown a couple of my particular favourites above.  How cute is that granny squares dress?

The second gift was another book, this one on growing fruit trees in Australia.  It was given to me by my aunt-in-law who had been to a talk from the author with her garden club.  She was fascinated by the fruit trees this local Melbournian was growing in his standard suburban backyard.  I haven’t delved too far into it yet, but I’m itching to get into the garden and fruit trees are certainly on the agenda.



And the final gift I received this afternoon from my neighbour.  Mr Good had chatted to her when we first moved in, but I hadn’t really had the opportunity.  I did speak to her once when she was having trouble starting her car and having a generally bloody awful day, not that I knew that at the time.  I figured she was stressed about the car so completely understood her shortness.  But as I chatted to her over the fence this morning she apologised for that and handed me a gorgeous bunch of flowers picked from her garden.  Yay, fresh flowers and getting to know neighbours, two things I love.



Of course giving is just as important as getting and I’ll be looking for opportunities to return the favour or to give to someone else.  I have been giving away books to friends (as well as op shops) and the girls have given a train set they no longer used to a friend’s son to add to his collection.  And I can’t wait to have something from the garden to give to family, friends and neighbours…. but that’s a while off.

So what’s the best just-because present you’ve received or given?  What made it so special?

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6 Responses to The just because gifts.

  1. I always love the times my mom stops by with fresh made scones and English cream. We have a few right away with strawberry jam and put the rest in the freezer for a later treat. The flowers are lovely – nice that you had a chance to chat over the fence. We love to visit with the neighbours too – though our fences are too far away to lean on for a chat now – we have to drive to go and see them. 🙂

  2. Renae says:

    How lovely! Good people attract good things 🙂 A dear old friend and former neighbour gave me a bottle of her homemade tomato sauce earlier this year and it was the best tomato sauce I’ve ever tasted. And then she went one better and gave me the recipe. Hopefully I’ll get enough tomatoes this summer to have a go at it!

    • Barbara Good says:

      How good is home made tomato sauce. I have a good friend that has given me a few jars over the years. I love it especially on homemade sausage rolls. Good luck with the tomatoes this year – if you don’t get enough why not buy a box of seconds from the farmers markets?

  3. A says:

    I’ve decided that crochet, which can be terribly daggy and awkward, is best saved by one thing: colour. And for that reason that book looks marvellous! Just yummo!

    I remember getting a lovely note from a student once, when it wasn’t Teachers Day or anything, that thanked me, which was lovely. But that was a while ago. Kate gives me a lot of bits of things off the floor… Does that count?

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